Police Brutality

Protectors of law Obstruct the peace Lashing out immorally In public’s face Causing undesired pain Ending their belief Blessing chaos, a Road to justice Unheeded goes again Tragic results rule Already heated situations Leaving people obfuscated Insecurity now escalates Tantrums of enforcers Yield to scrutiny AO#4-Police Brutality


I entered the house. He ran to me. His mom came behind him, coercing him to eat his vegetables. With brazen cheek, he showed his tongue. Nuzzling my cheek, he slid his hand in my pocket. “Go on, you little imp, you were hungry after all”, I laughed and he began eating the chocolate noisily. … Read more Imp

Suicide Bombers

Staying behind cover Unsuspecting victims near Instigated by insanity Chaos ruling actions Invitation they send Death, voluntarily to Extinguish their life Blatantly taking innocent Others’ without showing Mercy; divine sin Brusquely accepted now Envelope of gloom Remains; their memories Stay forever absolute AO#5-Suicide Bombers