Fallen Angel

Can I love again?” she asked me. I couldn’t reply. She was just eleven, maybe twelve but the scars on her face and the sorrow in her eyes spoke volumes. I was looking at a victim, another victim.

Her mother had passed away when she was young. Poor angel, she had no memory of her. Born in a poor family, she had to forego the education that she wanted. She had to stay at home while her father drove his rickshaw to earn some money to support them.

In troubled times, her father took loans and got himself indebted to many creditors. Being hounded by them, he began slowly losing his mind and took to drink often. In his intoxicated state, he began verbally abusing her. She began fearing him, but he never laid a hand on her. He never scolded her when he knew what he was saying.

Loneliness began to feel attractive to her. She never feared her father then. She faced the day gladly, no one to scold her if she broke a pot or spilt something. Yet all that changed two weeks back.

Drunk, her father was brought home by her neighbor. She went away to the kitchen, allowing her neighbor to put her father to bed. She heard the door shut and thought he had gone out. But a moment later his hand muffled her mouth.

As she struggled against his hold, he dragged her to the room. She saw her father lying passed out on the sofa cushions. Her muffled voice never reached him, and the door shut the next minute. Silencing her with one hand, he groped and touched her. A few minutes, and her dreams lay broken before her eyes.

Before he went, he warned her of dire consequences if she blabbed to anyone about what had happened. She knew she couldn’t tell of her innocence being lost so early. She kept her silence praying that was the end of it. But he returned again every night that week, catching her from behind while her father lay intoxicated again. She could not take it any longer.

Unwilling to get herself hurt again, she bit into his hand, drawing blood and running as fast as she could to wherever her little feet would take her. She found refuge at a doctor’s place, and the doctor sent her to Child Services.

Sitting before me, she looked small. Her eyes pleaded for an answer that I could not give her. We had taken a pledge to stop Child Abuse, but no one had truly made an impact for the cause. Time had implored us to unite, is the time now?

Even as she walked away, my heart missed a beat thinking of the many others who suffer never having spoken up. Their silence is from fear, yet we take it for granted and continue the heinous act. Perhaps soon, we’ll hear time and unite, ending the vile act once and for all.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “Fallen Angel”

  1. Child abuse lives with that child for the rest of his/her life, they are scarred emotionally, I know of someone who was abused by a friend ofthe family , this person to this day bears the fears for it's own children.Wonderfully written.Yvonne.

  2. Hi Leo….now the story seems to be complete..!!!nicely written…yes, its time to fight…lets fight the dreadful sin on behalf of those sweet little children..!!!

  3. Very well written! Though it was sad. I hate hearing about all the wrong in this world. And there's so much of it. One question- The person 'He', was not her father right? He was somebody else? Or was he the father? I got confused with thatt..

  4. This story is very touching indeed, happens a lot in this day and time … Yes, I knew fathers and mothers like this too!However, how the story is told needs better construction and flow. Still, a good attempt.

  5. How many more fallen angels shall we witness, and we continue to turn a blind?Our society but most of all, the family which is the basic unit of society remains headed to sad state, it seems our government is so helpless about this.And why are there evil parents like that? Let us be vigilant and help these poor kids subjected to abuse!

  6. @Yvonne:thats really sad isn't it? when loved hands turn treacherous.. its disheartening and scarring..my heart goes out to any child who has suffered…

  7. @Koo:yeah, it is sad and it is a wrong.. we might hate hearing of it, but its something we have to!no, it was the neighbor not the father..

  8. @Amias:thank u! yeah, i realize that even parents tend to abuse at times.. glad i've two angels in my life who love me a lot.i know that it was not up to mark, but it was a difficult topic and i had trouble with it, esp. wid the emotions! 🙂

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