Time Travel

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“Happy 70th birthday, Grandpa”, said my youngest grandson. I think his name is Jamie. 3 grandsons seem a lot to remember right now. I just smiled and accepted the gift he held out to me. When I sat down, he took the beanbag next to me.

“Grandpa, don’t you know who I am?” he asked. I didn’t know what more to tell him. I knew he was my youngest grandson, but I was unable to recollect anything else about him. I was ashamed to be his grandfather. He smiled, went away and came back with a big book under his arm. He sat down on the arm of my chair, and leant put his arm across my neck, then placed the book on my lap. It was a photo album.

He opened it and looked at me. There was a photo of me holding a baby. I was younger then. He was smiling expectantly. I smiled back. He told, “Don’t you remember this grandpa? That’s me you’re holding, on my first birthday, 12 years back.” The hourglass turned. I felt my thoughts beginning to dissolve, and found myself at the hospital. My son-in-law was leading me to a room. I was smiling and talking. My daughter had given birth again. My wife was at home, seeing to the twins she had before now. I saw my daughter, and in her hands was a handsome li’l angel. My daughter smiled and gave him to me to hold. My son-in-law took a photograph. I bent down…the hourglass turned. I was back in my chair. I didn’t remember anything. He was still looking expectantly. I sniffed involuntarily.

He turned the page randomly. There was a photo of me with a beautiful woman. It was her marriage. Jamie looked at me and told, “Surely you remember this day? Mom’s wedding.” The hourglass turned. The next moment, I was standing at the foot of my staircase, nervously waiting for my baby to come down. I still couldn’t believe she was getting married. I still refused to believe she’d grown up. A heavy foot on the steps… I turned and saw Ann coming down. She looked very pretty in her white gown and that translucent veil on her face. I embraced her; a tear fell on her dress. “Did I ruin your gown, sweetheart?” I asked. She replied, “You just made my day more special”. As I led her down the aisle, the photographers clicked quickly. I looked at her…the hourglass turned. I remembered nothing. I was back in my chair. He looked at me, I smiled. He thought I was happy.

He turned the page again. It was my wedding photo. Debbie looked marvelous in the photograph. Jamie smiled, “I knew you’d remember this for sure.” The hourglass turned. I was at the altar. The priest was in front of me, my best friend Benjamin next to me. He held the ring in its box. The music began. I turned. She was coming toward me, escorted by her father. He jokingly refused to let go of her hand, then did, embracing her and kissing her cheek. She stood by me. We took our vows. The priest asked her, “Do you take Mathew to be your lawfully wedded husband?” My dad clicked a photo. She was saying, “I…” … the hourglass turned. I was back in my chair, thankful at least to have remembered her name. Jamie still smiled.

Ann came in the room. “Ma, Grandpa remembered his wedding only. I’m trying to jog his memory. Want to help?” he asked. She looked at me, and then ran out, her eyes full of tears. Jamie went after her. I followed slowly. Jamie’s voice drifted out, “Ma, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Please tell me.” I listened at the door. “Jamie, your grandfather has Alzheimer’s. It’s an illness that makes him forget a lot of things. He won’t get better darling. I’m sad seeing him getting lost without memories like this. Please keep trying to jog his memory. He’ll feel nice too.” I heard him assure her that he would. I crept back to my chair. I took a pen and paper, and began to write. It was my only solace, my poetry.

Far I have traveled;
Yet the feeling strange
Why do I feel, I’m yet to start.
I’ve seen scenes many
They’re all in my mind
Why do I feel, so hard to find.
In memories and dreams
Back and forth I go
Why do I feel, time so slow.
So much love I get
Yet remember I cannot
Why memories, so soon forgot?
These words I write
Later will I know?
These words I wrote so
Young heart hopeful
Of a return in these paths
Yet, how long will I last?
My dear dearest
If I cannot tell you
One last time, I love you
I leave with love
No memories at all
Forgive me
This wasn’t my fault

I closed my eyes. A dream began to form. I was in the clouds, a white gown I wore. I heard someone crying, but saw no one there. I entered a pearly gate. I asked an angel where I was. He said, “You’re in the present, the past and the future. You’re free of sin, free of all mortal bondages. You’re in your final, endless reverie.” I still heard tears, but alas, I was too far in time to reach back and wipe them.

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

76 thoughts on “Time Travel”

  1. WOW!!Really amazing…What a way to have treated the subject. The story is truly touching and the poetry is a poignant high…The end is also beautiful…MY wishes for BATOM-8…:D

  2. I totally loved the way you dealt with the topic 🙂 truly travelling thru time…You have a very neat style of writing, and a superb template :-)cheers and all the best for BATOM

  3. I just started reading all the BAT posts you were the first…The time travel through the album was just brilliant… could visualize everything… and making that happen is the hallmark of a good writer… splendid! Will come back for more :)Cheers!TavishBlog: Sensible Bakwas

  4. Amazing :)I read it yesterday but was too speechless to comment ! only you can create such a magic :)I am just filled with emotions!Without memories is a thought which itself terrorizes us and imagine some ppl live with it

  5. Beautiful !! The way you have linked the old memories with an album with the description is amazing , but honestly , the poem out-do all the efforts you put in framing the story , because its superb !!! My wishes for BATOM – 8 🙂

  6. I agree with what Blogger said, it was nice to read poetry within context, Touching, poignant and real. All the luck for BATOM!

  7. Everyone time travel, don't they?Recalling the past, living the present and dreaming about the future is nothing but time traveling.I loved the story and the narration was beautiful. :)All the best for BAT8! 🙂

  8. @Vibhuti:thank you very much! 🙂 glad u liked it and felt the poetry was the high point. many thanks for the wishes, and the same to you! 🙂 for following my blog as well!

  9. @Debosmita:totally loved yours too, I had dropped by! 🙂 thank you for the praise words for my style and template! :)all the best to u!

  10. @Trinaa:is that u? kitne din hue dekhke tujhe.. aur sirf ek smile? no no.. will not do! :)glad u found it beautiful!

  11. @Nethra:yeah, all do.. if not in mind, through memories we go to past, through expectations into the future! 🙂 we all do!thank u! and the best of luck to u too! 🙂

  12. Brilliantly executed, Leo. I'm enthralled. A poignant combination of a lovely story and a lovelier poem. It's nice to have found you in blogosphere. :)All the best for BATOM! Cheerios!

  13. @Karthik:thank you very much! glad u felt that combination of poem n prose well gelled! :)pleasure to have made your acquaintance too sir! thanks for the follow! 🙂

  14. It's a very touching story…heart-rending…We will all come to that "Alzheimer's'"…but hopefully, the hourglass will still work some little Magic like what it did to Matthew… and I would be so happy to reminisce beautiful memories with wonderful people I will have met in this life…:)You are one!

  15. a well though about theme…and an excellent poem…the end was so obvious and yet so 'not thought about' before…and that's what makes it great(to me,atleast)

  16. @Rahul:yeah, the end was a bit obvious perhaps.. but i didnt think of ending it like that up until the last minute!thank u!

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