Together We Stand

This is so boring. Can’t the principal learn to give better speeches?” muttered Ann. Those who could hear her stifled their laugher as best they could. Applause rang out as Principal Smith finished his speech.
Our group was admired by most in our college. Ann, Nancy, Heather, Nathan, Alex and I had been friends since first day of our journey that started three years back. We hadn’t been split since.
Gems of friendship, we were called. We knew our friendship was priceless. Our friendship had made three boring years seem the best days of our lives. We made a pact not to get split even after graduating this year.
Eager to start our lessons quickly, we entered our class.
The entrance was crowded. We forced our way in to find the classroom a mess. There was chocolate cake splattered on the floor, smell of spilt wine filled the air and a rude drawing of Principal Smith was on the blackboard. He looked livid as he examined the room and walked out.
Heather, come with me”, he said as he walked by. Shocked, Heather followed him to his office. She came back a few minutes later saying she had been suspended. Her identity card had been found in the room. Even Ann and Nancy’s whereabouts the previous night were being investigated.
Eager to prove their innocence, Nathan and I moved toward the classroom.
Remain where you are. That room is beyond limits boys”, a voice said. We saw the principal approach.
Why don’t you come with us, sir? We just want to prove the girls are innocent.” He thought about what we said and agreed to give us that chance.
Empty your pockets and then enter. I trust you, but it’s better to be sure”, he said. We did, and the three of us entered the messed up room again.
Some party this must have been. They wasted a delicious cake”, Nathan remarked, making the principal guffaw. He was a good eater, Nathan was.
The search for clues continued for a while, we were giving up hope as time passed. Just then, my feet hit something and it skid across the room, stopping near Principal Smith’s feet. He picked it up. It was a clip on earring.
Ann doesn’t wear earrings, sir, Heather’s is gold studs and Nancy just had surgery after her accident so she doesn’t wear either. This is someone else’s”, I said. Nathan agreed. The principal confirmed what we said with the girls. We stood in the garden, wondering whose earring it could be.
Nancy, can I borrow your earrings for today? I seem to have lost one of mine and it feels weird walking around with just one. I’ve seen them in your locker” It was Deborah, one who was envious of our group. The earring she wore matched the one we found.
Deborah, your earring”, said the principal, “and you’re suspended. I’m sorry Heather.” Our unity had won again. The day seemed much happier now.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

6 thoughts on “Together We Stand”

  1. Your story made me recall some naughty and foolish things we did with my close circle of friends (gang as we call it) combining some letters of each one's name to form the name of a gang! But sad to note, I forgot the gang name already!We would be defying some basic orders from the school guards posted in teh school gate and he would be chasing us like crazy!What does he think? He would get us, what with is big tummy he could hardly make a fast stride?And we would be hiding in the bushes, giggling so naughtily.Of course, we would be reprimanded by our school guidance counselor!But our testimonies would remain us united!

  2. Interesting story. The truth ruled out in your story, but even with a lie, if one stand together it will rule out too. This was thought provoking Leo.

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