My Country

Many opportunities had knocked on my door before, but none of them I had been successful in. I had begun to doubt myself. I’d been all over India trying to get a job and I had started to curse the nation silently in my thoughts. That was when my uncle called.
You’re sitting simply at home. I know your capabilities and talent. Why don’t you come here, to Dubai? I’ll get you a job and a decent salary for you to survive here and send back home too.”
Change was good; I had heard my father also say before. I thought this was the opportunity for me. I finally managed to get my parents’ approval. After the necessary formalities, I left Delhi for Dubai.
On the flight, I asked the lady in the next seat about Dubai. She told me a lot of it, about its good points and bad points too. I still felt that it was the right place to begin.
Upon landing, I saw my uncle at the gate waiting to take me to his home. It had been ages since I had seen him, and I was smiling, but he didn’t seem to be too excited to see me. I asked him if something was wrong.
No, no. Nothing at all… I was just thinking of how mature you’ve become. Come, your aunt is anxious to meet you”, he said and took me to his car. As we traveled, I was struck by how beautiful the city was. “Was this my destiny?” I wondered.
There was very little room in my uncle’s place. I wondered how he would be able to accommodate me. While having lunch, I found out I’d be staying with someone else… one of my future colleagues apparently. So I’d have to be residing with strangers as I took my first job. I already began to miss my family. In the evening, I went to my new quarters. It wasn’t much… a single room with three beds and a kitchen. My roommates didn’t seem to have the time to clean up either. “Give it time, you’ll get used to it”, said my uncle.
Right from the first day, I had problems adjusting to the new environment. I had no time for family or for myself. I had to work even from home. Colleagues didn’t help much and without anyone in this new country, I began to suffer. It was then I saw an interview call for a firm in Delhi, same pay and job description. I decided to take it.
Yesterday, I was cursing my country. A few weeks away from it and I realized how lucky I was to be there. My uncle was disappointed with my decision but it was better disappointing him than cursing me for the rest of my life. I returned back home, to my family and to a new life filled with happiness. I realized the value of my country, only after staying away from it.
Acrostic Only Short Story

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. heyy..vry nice story dear…really, one's country is one's own country..hwever we may b awed by foreign land, bt the satisfaction nd happiness provided by our own land is sumthin beyond mentioning..well written..!!!

  2. I would like to believe this is real the way you narrated it. However, we can always be misled if it's real or fiction or we can mislead our readers.But if this is real, I admire you Leo. There is no place like home! The pasture may be greener on the other side but homesickness to family and friends will give us sadness and non satisfaction in our journey through life!I am quite encouraged to write some short stories though not my forte!Good morning!

  3. The interesting twist to this story is, it's not about your country, it's about your city … and the place you call home. There are times when one has to leave home to see it's value, however, leaving home is not a bad thing, it's like moving pass walls. Fiction or true, a lot of young folks around the world is suffering with this decision … "to be or not to be" or should I say, "to leave or not to leave" .. the main character in this story was lucky, he accepted help, but in the end found his own way back home without losing anything.Oh yes, a city can be "a country" when it affects us like this. Loved the contrast, cursing and blessing.

  4. @maddy: yeah, so true. our country is the best na! glad u liked this take… thanks! :)@amity: there is no place like home! no amity, its fiction. i've never been abroad, and i dont plan to real soon! 🙂 do try stories! :)@amias: yeah, a city can be like a country when we're homesick! 🙂 glad u liked this! 🙂

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