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Autumn, the fall season. Leaves wither, shades of yellow, roads carpeted beautifully with withered leaves. Everywhere it looks yellowish, brownish, reddish. It’s a brilliant treat for eyes as the colors are vibrant and peppy. Many of them think that autumn is a sad season but isn’t a sad season for me for number of reasons. This year it was one of the greatest autumn I’ve come across in 22 years of my life and that is because I met Leo online.
Leo, the Autumn friend…
Usually Autumn is associated with melancholy because it make the earth appear so dull with grey sky and also trees with crunchy dry leaves or no leaves at all. The season brings a dull attitude inside people’s mind too. Yes!! It was very dull for me due to few personal problems. That was when, a flower called Leo bloomed in my garden. He was the one who lifted my spirits, who gave life to my another blog. I can count upon him any day when I am down. He brings me back to peppy chirping self of mine. I feel great and exciting to have such a friend 🙂
I don’t know whether any of you here have experienced his spontaneous on the spot poems. His spontaneous on the spot poems are very nice and he always does that to bring a smile to my dull face. His words are so so powerful that it makes you think and at the same time bring smile to your faces 🙂
All my melancholic, autumn days were and are going to be decorated like a spring with Leo and his words. I wish him luck to continue decorating people’s life with his simple words. All the best 🙂
And this is Leo’s 400th post. I am really really honored to scribble something here as his 400th post and also to be part of his celebrations.
We, the readers are waiting for 500th. Did you hear that my dear AUTUMN FRIEND???

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

17 thoughts on “Autumn Friend”

  1. yay! finally made it to 400 posts! thanks Miya for this wonderful post. it was a pleasure having u here for this milestone!me the autumn friend.. i am your friend full year too dear! thank u for comparing me to that spring flower.. and appreciating my spot poems..yeah i heard u.. am on my way.. and yeah, hear this folks.. Miya will be doing the 500th post too.. agreed? :)thanks da once again! 🙂

  2. Oh..dats a rlly marvellous reach Leo..Congratzz..u've crossed a gr8 height, and wish,many more still to reach..dis was an awsum tribute by yr autumn friend..vry well said, a b'ful write indeed..gr8 job..!!!

  3. Nice writing Miya :)Autumn is in the heart of every poet….and Vinay, i guess we too met last to last autumn, or was it winter? anyway, write, write as much — every season has its beauty and substance for a writer…Congrats on 400….and wishes for many hundreds to come :)wishes, devika

  4. Oh Miya….i am pining like a teener upon reading your guest post here at Leo…:)He is like a spring flower? Yes, to so many friends also…:)Great post Miya dear…:) a very inspiring one…:) Cheers! to a better friendship, and may it blossom not only as spring flowers but also like summer and winter and autumn…:)Hugs dear!

  5. wow nice one meowm glad that leo has touched this landmark….way to go 500 and 1000s r nt too far away nd i am sure that by the end of this yr it wd be almost 700 or 600 posts… good going bromy wishes r with u forever :)god bless

  6. dearest meow,sweet name, should i call u that.. have heard a little abt u from leo and rosh.. lovely post. will try and read ur blog too..:) leo: wat more can i add.. u are the best..:)

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