” The Joy Of Elevated Thoughts “

Ohk Leo, I am here… now you don’t worry about readers, followers and comments… poor vinay had to ask me to write a guest post at this “little” blog to get more followers and readers.. I have heard your cry kid… the master is here..

Ohk.. well no, no, don’t give me that creepy look folks ! It’s true… Isn’t that Leo? Ohk… bro… Now don’t cry… people are gonna come and read..

Fine… enough of dramatizing a drama… Get to work kid!!

Leo, thank you for inviting me over here to do this guest post, the 398th one, and tell you what? I fell so honoured and so shouting 🙂

“A poem is not the mere arrangement of rhyming words in rhythm; it just gives a form and shape to it”



“The essentials of poetry are rhythm, dance and the human voice”

 this is what hemanth wrote in his guest post here, the 294th one… now let me write of the essentials that determine the quality of a poem… yup,its time for some big talking 🙂
The three major factors that determine the quality of a poem are the emotions, thoughts and imagination, or lets say, imagination and creativity, but yup, they are mutual… a “poem” is born when there is a unique combination of these three factors… if in case one of these factors go missing, that does result in the degradation of the beauty and craft of a poem… imagine a poem with the furry of emotions in it with no thought expressed, that would result in the generation of merely momentary pleasure, but ultimately ruining the craft of the poem.. and if in case there is only thoughts, that will make the readers not to digest anything, again resulting in the degradation of the work… better not to speak of creativity and imagination.. Without that no poetry can exist…
A written work becomes a poem when it has the deep vision and that vision, which would make the readers think and make their brains work, expressed through plain and simple emotions and pure imagination, or may be some realities as well… such a poem can create, in the heart of a reader, “the joy of elevated thoughts” as said by William Wordsworth
So as said, a poem should always own a vision that makes the readers think positive, or make them appreciate the effort of the author. Having said that, there are these minor essentials in poetry like philosophy and vision of life, yup, poetry can exist without these two, but when clubbed, they make an awesome combination… philosophy included or discussed in a poem will be focused on the deep vision and imagination of the poet and that’s why at times, some small lines create wonders in a poem.. But an excess inclusion of philosophy can make it a horrible experience for the readers… that might just end up ruining the entire beauty of the work… but lets say, a judicial mixture of these factors, emotions, thoughts, creativity and imagination, philosophy, vision of life and the ability to express create awesome poetry..
And Leo aka vinay aka the amateur poet, mate, you are blessed with this ability to blend all these features into your works, where it be poems, stories and anything else… everything, everything that you put to life in this “little” blog of your has its beauty and its all well expressed in a way only you can express.. looking at the types of poems you compose, reading them, and finding the rhyme and rhythm in them, all I got to say is cheers 🙂 congrats on making it to the 400th post, but trust me, may more counts to come.. Good luck and May god bless you 🙂

Its been a pleasure knowing you, and seeing the green bulb in my g talk window, with some thoughts as status always only for a short while thought, but hope to see you around the for long, and must say, mate you got the humour sense as well.. I have seen, read people write for vinay as loving, caring, a great friend, and well, am not going to write about the same vinay again, all I am doing is just nodding my head with them all and mate, watch out, if everything goes well, am going to reach b’lore soon and wow, then its party time 🙂

thanks once again..many more milestones to come in your way mate.. cheers again
Shravan !
p.s : happy new year to all readers here at Figments of Imagination.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. thanks a lot Shravan kuttan 😛 :Dthis was a very nice take, and i am glad to have had u here at my little space on blogsville! 🙂

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