Leo….the Gifted……:)

One late afternoon, while busy farming at FV, and well….just sneaking you know, coz’ it’s office hours, Leo suddenly popped up in chat window, I’d presume he’s also busy harvesting in his farm that’s why he’s at FB, and note, he don’t usually go online, but went online just to say something to me….:)
And he did send me a message telling me…”Amity, got a job for u”….Uh..oh…my heart palpitated at double speed, and in a snap of a finger, a movie review started playing in my mind. Said to myself, “Oh, Leo must be offering me a better and high paying job maybe and I would now be working in Bangalore City?”
Typed my response…”really? okay tell me now, what is it?” Too afraid I might get disappointed with his response coz’ I was also thinkin’ he’d let me work on his farm while on holiday in their village come next week. That would be fine, though.
He said, “15 posts to go and I would be celebrating my 400th post, could you do a guest post together with my four other close blogging buddies?” You’d write for the 397th post just after Shraddha”, he added.
Well, well, my blogging friends, I felt so elated, honored and at the same time speechless. It’s a great honor, isn’t it? But I told him….”uh..oh…well….but….okay….tell me….what am I gonna write about?” And I added…”but I might fail you in your expectations of me and hope I would not be at a lost for the appropriate adjectives to describe you in this guest post?” But he insisted he would be more than happy of my acceptance to his invitation and I can write like the one he wrote for his guest post in my blogsite.
So Leo, without much ado, and a too kilometric intro, here I am as you please…..
If my memory serves me right, half into my year of blogging, sometime in July, I met Leo through Lena or I guess, vice versa. Seems my memory is not serving me right, huh! From then on, I started following his Figments of Imagination and even his Impromptu which hibernated for quite sometime but is now back into the limelight, kicking and alive. Then sometime in September, he started commenting on my posts telling me of encouraging words that I write like a pro! Then he linked one of my acrostics at Amias Acrostic Only, and that was the start of our being good blogging buddies till this moment. 
I would consider him a son to me, almost the same age as my eldest kid,wish I could have him as my own son, and a very good blogging-buddy-friend. He’s always ready to help me in times of blogging distress… and farming problems, too….:P
We’ve had some few discussions about my vampire interview then. And when I wrote about my being a midnight writer, he’d tease me no end that I can’t be that coz’ I sleep too early at night, a sign that I’m already like his granny. And I would be smiling to myself. Well, he’s got sense of humor, too!
He says he’s a neophyte poet/writer, but I would totally refute that..anyone who’ll take my side with this? Raise your hands…:) And that I would insists he writes like a pro, look at his works, the best testaments!!!! I would often liken him to Shakespeare, but he is like him, isn’t he? If I’d insists, then it would be an endless debate between us….:P
I don’t know much about him personally, but I guess he knows more about me. He’d seen my family pics at FB already.
I could talk endlessly about him, being excellent on his craft. He’s gifted, I would surmise. Proof is, he already wrote one poem when he’s barely eight years old. He posted that poem here through our prodding, and I was amazed that an eight year old writes almost like a 40 something like me? Oh my gosh!!! I started feeling a lesser blogger that time….:(
I was wishing then I’d have a son like him. I am always attracted to brainy man, you know! (That vampire in me loves brainy man, huh!)…:XD
We have one thing in common, though, that is, we talk a lot but I am not given this much space here so I can talk that much, either!
Leo, here I am dedicating this poem to you in celebration of your 400th post. Such a grand milestone and I’m more than happy you made me do a job for you here…:)
Leo is his pen name but Vinay is his real name
I’ve always liken him to Shakespeare
Read his works you’d tell he’ll someday be famed
Though only a virtual friend to me
But without second thoughts he’s there to help me
On any blogging and farming concerns that I have
I don’t know much about him
But once you read his works
You’d feel he has shared a part of him
I know he’s a gifted young man
May he nurture this gift
With care and humbleness of heart
There’s a bright future ahead of him
May he live his dreams
And hitch his wagon to a star!!!!
To you Leo, may you realize all your dreams. Continue writing because you have the gift. Nurture it and someday soon, you can no longer refute me if I say you write like a pro. And should you opt to publish your works or some interested publishing company will offer you that, grab it, and please don’t forget to give me a copy of it, signed: Leo…..:)
May you live though more blogging years ahead…..:)
I will always be your fan,

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. heyy..this one is just awsum..m havin no words..amity, a brilliant job dearrie..an amazing gift it is..luved yr work…luvly post..keep rocking both..:)

  2. WOW! Vinay….so this is the way you "buy" compliments! :))joking, Nice, really nice, Amity :)Happy New Year to you both and all friends here! :)devika

  3. thanks Amity, for tis wonderful guest post! it was a pleasure having u over for sharing my space. you could have talked, the space was yours, there wasn't any limit imposed by me :)glad to have u over here 🙂 thanks!!

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