Let Me Die

Let me die…
This life of mine is like a lie,
Every moment I do not try,
I feel like an empty shell.
Let me die…
If I can’t make you laugh,
Is it right I gift you tears?
Make your joys disappear.
Let me die…
How is this me?
This is not who I want to be.
This is acting, reality.
Let me die…
Let me die, and be reborn,
Like a phoenix from the ashes.
A stronger, better me…
Share joys, not sorrow,
Not living on time borrowed,
A positive joyful me…
Let me die…

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

31 thoughts on “Let Me Die”

  1. very nice poem Leo…:)another innovation? imagination?but the thought? of dying so that a new you be born, someone stronger, someone better? well, all of us do want to have a better us…:)but on the lighter side, don't you wish to die yet, coz you're now a neighbor in FV, you're too fast to level up!good morning!

  2. "Share joys, not sorrow,Not living on time borrowed,A positive joyful me"We can't always be positive & joyful – there'll always be other emotions – that's life.But Leo, you share so much joy through your wonderful poems. You give others so much. An "empty shell" wouldn't be able to do that!

  3. @Devika,hehe.. its not a rejuvenation poem ma'am.. am fine.. :))its more of an imagination overload you can say! :Di don't feel the need for a break or death as yet either!thank you ma'am! 🙂

  4. nice write leo man.. initially thot it was some suicide note.. lols… had a nice positive meaning at the end…how is this for the end ?? "Share joys, not sorrowNot living on time we/you borrowA positive joyful me, morrow":)

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