True Love?

She was young, in her early twenties, but had got married a year before to the man she loved a lot. She was happy with her choice. He loved her a lot, made no promises other than being with her through sadness and joy. His choice for a bride had not been accepted by his parents, but he had not considered that at all. She loved him a lot too and did not mind her parent’s objection either. Her ambition had landed her a good job, and they were making the most of opportunities lif had to offer them. When his job called him abroad, she even gave up her job to go settle abroad with him. Their friends called them the perfect couple.

He used to express his love for her a lot during those days. But a month ago, he had started acting strangely. His love seemed to be dwindling and his temper rising for little things. She thought it must be something at work that was affecting him like that, but once when she was outdoors shopping for groceries, she saw him with another woman. She was heartbroken. In the evening that day, he gave her more sadness when he told her he would be sleeping in another room that night. She lay awake thinking that night, and the next day, followed him without his knowledge. Again, she saw him with the other woman. The same thing she saw for ten days. On the tenth day, she wiped her tears and walked back home. That night, the door of the house closed for the last time. When neighbors came to investigate, they saw both of them had committed suicide.

A letter on her bedside read, “I fell in love with you, darling, the first time I met you. I have not loved anyone else after that and my life is only for you. Your love for me seems to be dwindling, and I have seen you with another woman many days now. I only want to see you happy, but I cannot bear to break our marriage with a divorce. I love you too much to break the bond I hold so close to my heart. Without me around, you can marry her and have a happy life. I love you more than life itself, so I leave my life for you. Yours forever…”
“Darling, I love you a lot. I don’t know when that love failed me that I went and made a grievous mistake a month ago. I guess I was under the influence of drink and pressure from friends that I did it. I made love with someone I knew not, and I ended up ruining my life. I found out just a few days back. I’ve been seeing Rachel Trent, my doctor, for ten days now. I’m just not ready to part with you, and even though she told me that there is no way to change what has happened, I kept asking her. You are still young. I love you too much to see you suffer because of my erring ways. I leave my life, for you to have a better one. Yours forever…” said his.
Life is a flower of which love is the honey, so said Victor Hugo once. Theirs was honey so pure, that it was sweet even after the flower was crushed.

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

36 thoughts on “True Love?”

  1. Dear Leo, First time here, liked the template a lot. lovely story n tell me, Why the love stories can't have, A happy ending? True love lasts forever. bright n beautiful let the life be.. HAPPY DIWALI! sasneham, anu

  2. beautiful story …sad but i jus cod'nt help thinkin …wats love without trust?…wats love with our foegivness?..wats love without a fight?…wats love without understanding?…r sure without all these love's still love?..

  3. oh no! twas a very sad love story…do you always think of sad things now? even your ghost story has a bad ending?Oh leo, do something that's cheerful and with a happy note…but i like your story, even to their last breath they've been together, but so tragic…i can't smile in here…

  4. @anupama,welcome to my blogglad u liked my templatethank u for finding it lovelylove stories can have a happy endingbut not all love stories dotrue love does last forevertheirs lasted even in heaven :)happy diwali to u alsomalayali aano? 😀 pinneyum varu.. sasneham,leo.

  5. @yellow tulip,love is strange at can be so pure that u r willing to die to make the other person have a better life. your death might not make the other person happy, but u feel that they might if u do… that love is heavenly… it goes beyond death…

  6. @amity me,yes. sad perhaps amity…not all things have a happy ending right? ghost story with a happy ending? 😀 can happen, but is very rare!!i'll do happy posts too amity..yeah, they're together in heaven also right? 🙂

  7. @i,me and myself,hey tweety.. don't cry yaar.. love is not painful.. lovers life perhaps is :)their love was joined in heaven too!!

  8. Leo..what should i say??? my eyes are moist after reading this…love that is so deep and forever…very beautiful and touching…wonderful expression!well done!take care!god bless!

  9. infidelity in my opinion, is unforgivable…if he truly was in love with his wife, he would have never strayed..and if he strayed then that just means his love was not true!its stupid to use peer pressure and alc as an excuse for betraying someones love and sorry but i for one, is not in favour of this so called love story!

  10. @pri,yes, perhaps… using peer pressure and alcohol might be stupid reasons, but it is known to happen. his love may not be true, or it may be.. but he loved his wife. he didnt want to ruin her life more than he already did..thank u for ur honest opinion pri 🙂

  11. Lovely story Leo…you have narrated it beautifully. I was completely engrossed in the story :)Maybe I'm a bit too practical but I really cannot think it can be called true love if the guy has to make love to another woman under the influence of alcohol, pressure from friends or any other reason…Infidelity is just the worst possible thing.

  12. Awww …u literally made me cry….that is why its said open communication is the key to happiness in all relations….sometimes seating down and talking whatever is in mind helps clear misconceptions and paves way to happiness!This was truly intriguing post!Loved it:)

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