They Kill Me…

Every day
Every minute
Life pines away
Dark is light
Eyes can’t see
Living yet dead
That is me
Hurt again
Is it my fault?
Innocence lost
In rage most
Was birth my sin?
What life is this?
Without joy within
No value my tears
Every day
Every minute
His imposing sight
I cower in fear
Loving hands
I thought were his
Yet only pain
He grants me this
Hits me hard
Shoves me away
No love he shows
Just hate he says
Some bad omen
My face must be
For scars he gives
That blemishes me
Laugh like devil
It makes me mad
In my mind it stays
Every day
Every minute
I just want to die
Heaven is better
I do not lie
If this is life
I have not lived
This is just hell
I can’t forgive
Life pines away
Dark is light
Eyes can’t see
For every day
My loved ones
They kill me

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For: OSI: Descent
My Friend Nabila’s Thoughts : The Resolve

This poem has been written by me, but I don’t think me or any person stepping into the shoes of such a child can even imagine the suffering or pain that the little one must have gone through.. I’ve felt strongly about this cause, and I’ve worded for it before too. Abusing a child that you’ve brought into this world, it’s the descent of man to levels that are way beneath him and his so called morals. What right have we to hurt the innocence of a child? None at all. Just few words on a website on the internet might not change the world, but when seen it can make some impact.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. what should i say to that now…this is really disturbing and painful..i just don't understand how can anybody harm a little child..only a person with a heart of stone can do it..I just hope people learn to value the gift of a child and give them the love and happiness that they deserve and not pain and tear!anyway…nice thought provoking post Leo!take care!god bless!

  2. You know already what i feel for this poem !I bow to your writes, thoughts and expressions and to Vinay the person for such a poem!By complimenting or praising heights i would be doing injustice in words to how much good it is!This poem made me write one on similar topic so u can imagine the impact it had on me!I have always felt inclined to do things for such a cause and would surely do it in future! And i feel if every one does its bit we could do somethings to erase the beasts who spoil the life of innocent childrenI am proud of u as a poet as a person and i m glad i m friends with such a person!

  3. i bow to u leo…hats off to u…n lyk nabs says i am proud to have known a poet like my own ways i relate to this poem alot…the agony the pain of being hurt by d ppl u love the most leaves scars that remain with us forever…some scars that even time doesnt heal…i love u for this leo…once agian hats off to u..just simply great leo…

  4. i simply dont have words to explain how touching dis poem was..lyk nabs says i am proud to know u as a poet and a friend…i was moved by this poem for the reasons of my own…the agony the pain of being hurt by d ppl u love the most…leaves scars in ur heart frever..the scars that even time doesnt heal…i love u fr ur poem leo..hats off to u..i bow to the magic u create wid ur words…

  5. speechless leo…:(…i join my hands with u for this cause…its really sad to see world no more a beautiful place filled with soo much cruelty…:(…thank u for sharing dear:)

  6. Am deeply touched by your poem! A few words may not change the world but it can certainly change the hearts of those who read it! Who knows, they may change the world!!! And I really wish it does 🙂

  7. Parzi:yes, it is disturbing and painful.. whoever hurts a little child is very disturbed, a coward! i hope ur hope comes true dear! thanks for stopping by! god bless u too!

  8. Nabi:yes.. if everyone does their bit, some by action and some by words, the world would be a better place for children indeed. i am glad to be friends with you too! thanks very much! 🙂

  9. Tweety:i bow back to you my li'l birdie friend :)the agony of people u know hurting u leaving scars forever is very much true. but to come back to life is easier perhaps if we are older. innocence lost at an early age is very hard to forget.

  10. Yvonne:its not that abuse that should cause news. the fight against it should cause. then it should be a worthy world. innocence of a child being lost should not happen.thank you for your appreciation Yvonne…

  11. Prams:walking in their shoes? no one can travel in the same paths as them. the pain of theirs can't be relived. but it will show the brutality of the world for sure. thank you Prams!

  12. Liara:thank u. love is all there is.. i don't know about that. hurting a child is not showing love for them right? thank you for stopping by!

  13. A topic that needs airing from time to time to realise what total destruction of lives it causes! I too feel strongly on this, but my sidetrack is the topic of child soldiers ~ another form of child abuse! I have written several posts on this!

  14. So touching Leo… child cruelty really and truly has to stop! All of us should help to make a difference, and Leo, you have definitely made a difference already 🙂 I love the profile pic btw 🙂

  15. very touching post vinu..your writing is indeed wonderful..:)child abuse should really stop vinu.. let us individually contribute whatever we can to stop it..keep going friend 🙂 u r really very talented 🙂

  16. I dont think I would saying anything that the others havent already said. But yeah, would love to have superpowers to kill such people but since I dont and pen is mighter than the sword, I shall write. Brilliant write up!

  17. Hi! Yes, I have received it. I did e-mail you that I got it but since you haven't gotten that, I thought the best thing to do would be to tell you here and reassure you. I'm sorry you didn't know! And thank you for being nice and early!

  18. Sue:yes indeed sue..! its one of the darkest descents that needs to be avoided…! thanks for stoppin by!and also many thanks for the theme this week!

  19. The more poets and ones with voices speak about the pain of abuse…the more I think it will be exposed and the violaters will be punished and hang their head in shame if they have any human feelings.

  20. This hits so close to home it's downright scary. But Maggie is right … the more it comes to the light, the faster we can put an end to it.

  21. Hurting a child is possibly the most inhumane thing to do. well written leo. I hope more voices rise up gaainst it and the whole nightmare ends….

  22. Leo, what more can i say,im so proud of u..most touching post. this is the cruel reality we all face, and my heart goes to any child who goes thru this kind of suffering..and uve done a brilliant job by bringing it out in the open…

  23. Such a powerful take on one simple word; descent… The descent of human nature to evil and you did an excellent job in shaping the thoughts of the child.

  24. Sona:my heart goes out to any child facing this too… and i hope that we find in our heart to give them affection and not hurt.thank u 🙂

  25. Tammie: hard to imagine a world with this tragedy, yes, but it is happening in our world itself right? thank you very much!

  26. All these issues like child abuse etc. are very very disturbing…but a truth. Its really difficult to see such kids in such traumatising conditions.As you said, one can surely not step into their shoes and see it… Its way too inhuman to droop to that level and abuse another human being… Each word counts vinu… whether its on internet or on paper!Kudos to you for writing this. I know how strongly you feel for such issues! Make a difference! 🙂

  27. hmmm….i am the 84th to post a comment…was not able to do it coz of power outage in our place due to a typhoon…well, i've read this already before the power breakdown…it pricks my heart so deeply, a very visible account of domestic violence…and it really happens especially in families who belong to the poverty level.much to our desire to be vigilant about it, we can't help but feel pity over the victims….nice, very nice Leo…but the message is so alarming…i can't smile this time!

  28. Leo/Vinay–Thank you for this poem. I work in the field of child abuse intervention, so your words touched a deep place. Sometimes when I see a child with blank eyes in our center I reflect on your thoughts of such children being the living dead. No horror movie can touch what some of our children have to endure.Thanks again, and thanks for your nice comments on my post to 'descent'

  29. Beth:you can call me either! it is fine! :)yes.. no horror movie can touch that indeed!thank u for dropping by and u r very much welcome for the comment! 🙂

  30. Steph:thank u very much dude!dude, machine might be better… atleast machines abuse can be stopped.. this is endless na! 🙁

  31. What do i say now??? no words to praiseyour poetic skillsAll the words immersedin the pain of the childin her life, its all tearslets stop not the tearsbut the evil hands responsibleWhat do i say now???

  32. It's just so sad and sickening to know that humans are capable of abusing their own children. Your title is very apt bcoz the small souls ARE killed, mostly for a whole lifetime! We all have to open our eyes and stand up to fight this cause. Your poem says it all – everything a child in this position feels, esp. the line: "Is it my fault?"A poor innocent child always feels they did something wrong and are being punished for their sin.Excellent poem Leo and I'm very glad you're reaching so many people with this topic!

  33. Margaret:yes indeed, the little ones feel it is their fault, and they are very innocent to realize that no, its some one else's fault that they are being abused for! indeed their innocence is killed for a lifetime.i am glad i am reaching out to many too!

  34. One of your best poems. Maybe because written for such a cause and expressing such deep emotions.You got to strive writing all your poems like this one 🙂

  35. by the evidence of the comments, i would say you did achieve the cause of writing this.. i appreciate your effort in bringing it out. it has reached many people… very touching meowi personally know few kids who suffered this inhumane act. you explained the pain so real… thanks for ur voice meow..PS : with your permission, i would like to spread this in my office platform..? (with back links)i am proud of u meow. wish to see more poems on social issues. pen is more mightier than sword. u proved it 🙂 lets spread the word against evil things..!wishing u the best in life…!!

  36. Leo, I completely agree with your vivid message here. I started reading before that picture came in. It is sooooooo fitting.My childhood and youth were under an abusive father, it was pretty bad. That is saying it nicely. Still I loved him and later in life with him acted as it never happened. But I didn't forget and won't forgive, even if he is dead and I do love him…

  37. Jim:am so sorry!! yeah, guess thats true.. love conquers all, yet forgiving and forgetting pain of loved ones is never possible, or easy if possible…

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