Stardust Sprinkles on Leo !

I have had such writer’s block since accepting Leo’s wonderful honor to compose Guest post at his blog. Many fragments of ideas came to mind during the past week and they lived in my head for minutes, sometimes a day, then scattered with my panic at the realization that the words I place here must have special meaning. After all, this is different than writing posts for my own blog. I’m quite happy with some posts there, less so with others, but they pass my inspection because they are my thoughts and they are representative of my mood at the time I prepare the post for publication. But how to appropriately celebrate with words the occasion of a 300th posts at the blog of one who has become important to me, that is a different task altogether.

It seemed to be appropriate if i say few words about Vinu’s poems and our friendship..:)

My first visit on this lovely blog is on the Day of Rakhi festival ,and i was completely spell bound reading his dedication to his loving sis..His post spoke volumes about his loving nature..And then started my journey to his blog and every time he leaves me with a new emotion,deep thought and with a vivid imagination..He is very matured and balanced in thoughts..that we can not from a young person who has just finished his graduation and yet to see many phases of life to gain this much ..Most of my comments to his posts are “Vinu..i ‘m speechless reading your post”..His words are very close to my heart ,completely mesmerizing and leaving me in silence..yeah ..In silence i speak to my heart and stay very close to my feelings..I love his poems just like falling Rain..

Rain that completely drenches you, and makes you feel whole and overwhelmed ..There’s something very unique and personal about everyone’s perception of rain..In my words..Rain is the only blessing that affects all the five senses..Nose can smell the best fragrance of Soil after rain ..Ears can listen to the sound of raindrops on the window pane or lake..Best touch is the feel of the rain trickling down on your hands and forehead.The sight of a tall tree dancing to the tune of the drizzling rain and gusty wind is the best one…Face the sky and Open the mouth to taste the falling raindrops,and that is undoubtedly the magical taste ..I so love rain and vinu’s poems..The best of all..!

Rain overwhelms me as much as Vinu’s poems ..My heart sings with his verses..I cried,laughed intrigued,learnt,realized,lost myself,and found me reading his poems ..He paints all shades of life..Thanks a ton Vinu..! You inspire me with every figment of your imagination..

I still remember the day when i saw a friend request from Vinu,its a wonderful feeling..! Thank you soooo much Meow( Hes meow to me),its my pleasure knowing you ..! You are a shining star in my life who lights up my heart and brings the best in me .. How can i thank you for being in my life and filling each day with smiles and for those endless chats ,for your spontaneous poetry on chats and for those text Sms,and for telling me everything will be okay in my confused really do not how much it means to me…you are not just a great poet but a wonderful soul and yes this is our forever friendship..i need not worry because forever has no end..Sending out a big hug for everything Meow..!

Words escape me
at this moment

You are the best thing
that happened to me

A kind heart,a happy soul
I’m caught in a spell

I owe you knowledge
You taught me so much

I owe you love
Deep in my heart, you touched

I owe you a friend
Who is honest and true

I feel happy and complete
for having you in life

And until the day
when we are old and gray
we are friends forever..!

On this very special occasion i take this opportunity to congratulate you, on exceeding the milestone of 300 posts at your blog! A big Thank you for sharing a walk through your life with all of us, and also for being a person who greets life with excitement and curiosity, in spite of personal challenges and even heartbreak. Thank you for being non-judgmental and for making friends with people who are different than you. You have a fine and open mind and an open heart, a strong faith and a friendly spirit that makes people want to know more about you. I so appreciate you giving me this special space here today and I hope I met your expectations for this post.It will always remain very special honor to me..

Congratulations meow for all your accomplishments and wishing you many more milestones ahead in this beautiful journey ..! I hope to witness more celebrations..!



Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

10 thoughts on “Stardust Sprinkles on Leo !”

  1. Hey Vysh,thanks for publishing the post! I meant to do it in the evening actually! :)our friendship is very beautiful indeed, and I do intend to make it forever too. Old and grey? will that happen to u? 😛 didn't think so :DMy poetry & rain? Aww shucks, thanks dear…

  2. comparing poetry and rain it was so beautiful yaar…simply loved the words :)..and a beautiful poem written there…:)…yeah friendship will be there till the day we are not grey and old till the rain comes down on us with a smiling spake :)…well that would be forever and ever…vyshu u have done a beautiful guest post :)..urs..hemu..

  3. hieee Vyshu this one was a beautiful post…hats off to your thoughts and expression…i loved what you said about the rain and then comparing Leo's wonderful poetry to it was like marvelous…very well said dear…talks volumes for the two superb writers and adorable friends…way to go!god bless u both!

  4. Oh Leo, i just missed Vyshu and I tried to click on this special guest post of her in your site and i am so very touched of a very good friendship you have for each other…i admire her you know! she's got tons of nuggets of wisdom to share…i missed her,'s been a long time that i can't access her blog…what happened to her Leo?really missed her…

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