A Fact, A Threat, A Kill – The Psychopath.

The Fact:

Leo @ Vinay is a splendid friend to have and a soothing blogger to read. He was my very first acquaintance in The Writers Lounge. He is one of my favorite poets to read in blogville. Sweet n Awesome. A few days back he gave me the name ‘AK47’. I’m lovin it.
His hands are perpetually open to helping. You need a cute baby name, Leo is there… You need a new template for your blog, Leo is there… Having a writers block? Leo is there to unclog your brain tubes… to inspire you, with his hyper active passion for writing.
Congrats on your 300 posts bro…
But a few days back, he was thinking about limiting his writes…

The Threat:

That I could never let happen and so, The Threat.
Don’t even think about stopping dude, cos this AK47 has a bullet stored up n ready to bull’s eye your vocal cords. I will butcher and mutilate your voice, so that the only way to vent out your thoughts would be through your writes in this space… and Don’t even think about learning that sign language shit to communicate bro.. I will personally fracture your elbow joints, leaving only your wrist and fingers intact, just to write in this space… I’m your psycho stalker and you are my slave !!! 

The Kill:

Being the obsessive freak I am, I couldn’t sleep yesterday. What if Leo ignores my threat and violates my trust?? Couldn’t let that happen and so, The Kill.
3 AM. Smoke under his doors, I breezed into Leo’s room. Leo was asleep with his PC still on. A mild smile. This had to be done quick and quiet. Without a second to waste, I was into his brain. I traversed thro his Cerebral cortex, Cerebellum, Thalamus… n a few other structures which I didn’t study well in physiology. Yes, I reached his ‘Amygdala’ – where he stores his short term memory. A few cuts in his neurons, a few re-suturings and voila, I’d successfully cleaned off his will to discontinue writing. While on my way back, The sudden realization struck me. What if it was not a short term memory? what if he had this thought a long time back? Shit!! An amateurish mistake. I went back. This time to his hippocampus (long term memory store house). cutting, re-resuturing. There I read a few poems, unpublished works… safely stored there. I came out exhausted, but happy.

Work Done. System formatted. But I had to check if its working… If ‘He’ is working… Would be a great waste if I had killed him in the process. I transformed into my human form and came to my place. Pinged him in Gtalk.

Arun – “Bro, thr ?????”

Two minutes and no reply. Shit !! what have I done?? I’ve killed leo ?? Then a ping replied me back.

Leo  – “Sorry bro… was asleep… whats up??”
Arun – “Nothing man… just wanted to know… still thinking on discontinuing writing??”
Leo  – “What discontinuing..???  what ??? bro, are you sure u r talking with the right person??”

A wide grin flashed my face.

Arun – “Sorry bro… wrongly sent.”
Leo  – “You stupid bloody doctor… @#$% “

P.S. – First of all really really sorry for barging in on the sweetness of this blog… But, I was in the mood for some sinister mayhem… and so, The Post.  (He he… You shouldn’t have named me AK 47 bro… Look where it has led to..)
Thanks Leo for giving me this awesome opportunity to post in your space. Honored.
n yea… ‘The threat’ is not part of the fiction… 😛
n once again hearty congrats on the awesomely chuweet 300 writes bro !!! 

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. AK47 :Dwow.. what a super psychotic post bro! i'm really gonna be careful u dont sneak in my window or door tonight 😛 hehe… thank u thank u! :)threat not fiction? no issues.. atleast kill is fiction! thats enuf 😛

  2. wow…that was a wonderful…cool post!it shows the great bond you guys share…and i loved the awesome and adorable firing by AK-47…A perfect guest post!very nicely done!

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