Leo-The Magician of words!

When Leo asked me to write a guest post for the celebrations of his 300Th post..honestly I was very surprised thinking that what made him consider an amateur writer like me worthy of writing something for his prestigious blog ..and although I am still in a state of confusion but what I know is that, I am extremely happy and honored to be a part of this celebration!
Congratulationsssss on reaching this huge milestone in the beautiful journey of Blogging Leo..300 posts???it sounds kind of unbelievable but when I see your dedication and passion towards your blog and writing..nothing seems impossible..and as I say always…you create magic whenever you lift your pen to write..With such vivid imagination..deep thoughts..mesmerising expressions and beautiful words..whatever you write becomes a masterpiece and I am not exaggerating one bit!
Every time I stop by your blog I see a new emotion,a new thought,a new shade of life beautifully put into words…words that take us into the fabulous world of your imagination from where you pick up these wonderful figments and put them before us and leave us spell bound!
I have often seen people who comment at your posts saying”Leo..the picture that you have used is beautiful”…but in my opinion its your words always that enhance the beauty of a picture,they give it a meaning,a story of its own..an expression that it originally lacks!
What sets you apart from the others is the novelty and variety of your work..you always come up with different and new styles of writing which are not only a pleasure to read but at the same time gives your readers a chance to learn something new..I am an evidence to it myself..for me Figments of Imagination is like the school of blogging because whenever i come here i leave learning something always and that too with a smile…Thanks a ton for that Leo!!…you are a great source of inspiration for all of us..each time I read your posts it makes me feel that how effortlessly they have been written..it is like the words flowing on their own ..bringing thoughts to life and i guess one can only attain that kind of effortless expression when one learns to master his art and i guess I have told you that before also that nobody but only you have the ability to outdo yourself!You are one perfect writer and everybody knows that!
And today on this extremely special occasion I want to take this opportunity to say a big heartfelt “thank you” for all the support,help,guidance,encouragement and above all for the kind gift of your friendship that you have given me! Its not been long since I’ve known you but what I know for sure is that you are not just a superb writer but a far more better person..and its this beauty of your soul that reflects in your words and make them so believable and natural!
I still remember the day when you gave me my first award for blogging..till date i can’t put into words what a wonderful feeling it was..it was the pleasure of being remembered in that special mention of names,the honor of sharing a small place with such great writers,a little token of recognition,acceptance and a huge source of motivation..but above all was the happiness of receiving my first award from such a fabulous writer..someone whom I really look up to!Thanks a lot for that Leo..it will always remain special to me..really!
That was talking about one award..how can I forget to thank you for the little award that you drop at my blog whenever i put up any post..well..I am talking about the comment you leave at my post always without missing even one of them…and not just the comment but the first comment..I cant begin to tell you how glad it makes me feel..to see you take out your time to read my nonsense and then to be so kind to drop a sweet and encouraging comment always…whenever I open the comments on any post and see your name right on top an automatic smile comes on my face!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh Leo…thanks a lot for everything…I truly appreciate every bit of it!Knowing you has been an absolute pleasure…and reading your works is an everyday feast for me!Keep writing the way you do and keep inspiring others not just to write well but to be a good human being like you are!

“Figments of Imagination” is a beautiful place in blogs ville…and it will only continue to be more beautiful in the upcoming days..and I really hope that you achieve many such milestones and this magic continues forever…Congratulations once again…well done!
Hats off to you!and listen don’t forget our deal keep a copy of your first published book for me…I’m waiting!Till then keep writing and I will keep reading and learning!
keep smiling always!
God bless you!

[p.s:Leo..I am really sorry for this not so well written post..but honestly anything that I write can not do justice to your awesome blog..i haven’t even written much guest posts..so just wrote what I felt!
But thank you sooooooooo much for this wonderful opportunity..and for considering me worthy of writing something for your blog..means a lot to me]

[p.p.s:everyone who read this post thank u soooo much for bearing with me..I know whenever you come here you are accustomed to see some superlative write-ups..ahmm…but today for a not so good change..you have this..but one thing is for sure after reading this you will know more clearly why Leo is the best]

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

25 thoughts on “Leo-The Magician of words!”

  1. Parzi:thank u so much for such a sweet guest post! i'm delighted to read it and it brings a smile to my face. you are welcome for whatever u've thanked me for! but i dont think its needed! πŸ™‚ will still try to be first at ur posts, but ur fan following is bound to increase soon.. and i'll have competition then! :Dyou deserved that award! i do <3 ur blog a lot! thank yu again for this wonderful post!ps: why do u apologise for such a nice post? ur heart spoke here and i'm delighted to have u at my blog!pps: my readers will definitely love this post too. shows how superlative ur mind is πŸ™‚

  2. HI Parzi, That's sooo loving and thanks for this post ..:) Yeah, now i know more clearly why he is the best ..:) Hey Parzi, its no need to be superlative but the writer's ability lies in the way he/she can create the feelings in reader's heart..and u have succeed in that …Well written ..keep it up πŸ™‚ And vinay, Congratulations …And the post says all about u and ur writings…U r the one of the best bloggers..keep up the good work ..:)

  3. Parzi, a beautiful, sweet, well written post. You are a wonderful person and writer too and i can see that from your post. You have put it brilliantly in words what I would have liked to convey to Leo, but unable to as i am no writer. I want to thank you so much. Keep writing Parzi.. Leo: congratulations and keep writing..love reading u.

  4. Hello Leo,How lucky Parzi is, though I don't know him yet, but am sure he's a very good friend of yours…Cheers Parzi, whoever you are! You made a very good guest post! Hope to meet you soon…And to Leo, keep up my dear, you're gifted and talented and I know nobody would refute me about my statement of you! Your works are the best manifesto!Keep up, son!And cheers to your 300th post!P.S. I like the new look of your template…B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

  5. @Leohieee Leo…firstly congratulationssss once again!!!I was surprised to c the post here this soon..:)and you plzzz need not thank me at all…it was a pleasure n honor to write something for you n your blog!if it made u smile then my purpose of writing it is solved…i'm so glad u liked it!thanks a ton for those wonderful words and for this lovely opportunity!thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhhhh!all the very best for the upcoming posts!keep writing!take care!god bless!

  6. @Pramodaawww…thank you soooooooooooooo much…thanks a lot for all those sweet words of appreciation…I don't know whether i wrote it well or not..just wrote what i felt!But as always…your comment left me smiling…thanks a ton!really very kind of you to say all that!take care!god bless!

  7. @Sonya Diwhat should I say di…thank u soooooooo much ..i don't know if i deserve all that appreciation but it surely feels very nice…thanks a lot!really very kind of you to say that…as for the post I guess all we readers of "figments of imagination"feel that ways..i m so glad we think alike and so you may just think that i conveyed it on your behalf to Leo..and Di if I can write then I 'm sure you can write far more better…u just need to identify the talent..give it a shot!all the best!thank you sooooo much once again!take care!god bless!

  8. @Amitythank you sooooooooooo much Ma'am…thanks for those wonderful words of appreciation…glad you liked what I wrote!and yes I completely agree with you..I'm really lucky…and yes Leo is definitely gifted and talented!thanks a lot for your blessings…!regards!Take care!God bless!

  9. @ariathanks a lot aria…thanks for appreciating what i wrote and you are absolutely right i really look upto Leo and respect him a lot!thank you so much!take care!god bless!

  10. that was one beautiful guest post for the poetry prince….wow parzi u have done justice to this place by writing such a wonderful post nd yippie…our prince is reaching another century nd i bet it wd be a delightful one waaaahhh m so happy for u brother…this is a special milestone coz nt every1 in blogworld reached this milestone…sooper really sooper πŸ˜€

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