The Letter…

Paul was happy. On that very day, five years ago, he and Katherine had exchanged vows and become husband and wife. He loved her very much and had never forgotten the anniversary day the previous four years either. That day, he decided to surprise her and come back early from work, take her out to dinner. He had acted like had forgotten the importance of the day. She did not seem to remember it herself. He smiled, thinking she was acting too. It was 8pm when he turned the corner of the street to his home. Then the smile disappeared from his face.

Kate was at the doorstep, with another man, kissing him passionately. He waited till he had gone, and then went home. He wished her and she smiled, wishing him back. He asked her about it the next day, but she didn’t feel sorry. She just said, “It’s over between us darling. I don’t feel that love anymore. I was going to tell you before, but I did not know how to tell you.” He had felt betrayed, heartbroken that their marriage had to end that way. A week later, the divorce had been finalized. That was a month before.

Paul’s colleague Amanda, Kate’s neighbor and her good friend, had told him a week back of Kate breaking up with that man. Kate had told Amanda that leaving her husband was a big mistake. Feeling sorry for her, Amanda had told him about that. He had been silent. The next day he had got a letter. It was Kate’s handwriting. He could identify it easily. She had apologized for doubting his love for her and asked him to take her back in his life. He’d read it once and thrown it away. Every day that week, a similar letter had come. He had not opened that day’s letter.

The letter sat before him, unopened, propped against a coffee mug. The day she had left him was still strong in his mind. He took it from the table and put it in the trash bin, the place where she had once thrown his heart.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. Sigh……comes out of mouth as i sat down to read this!As complex and complicated love stories are rule of the day….we might want lives to be simple but life doesn't like us to live it simple!This might be fiction but a lot of reality in today's time! Regret is the only thing when such things passes through one's hand! As they say words and actions of dear ones hurt move then enemies!And the unopened letters suggest many a things…..many a stories untold…..something which cd have changed things and yet not!Thats why heart is like a glass ..broken…the cracks remain!Beautiful write and amazing theme!Keep writing!

  2. Leo, emotions very well portrayed…this happens in real life.. broken hearts.. once trust is betrayed its very difficult to resume the relationship.. can be forgiven but never forgotten..

  3. Now man,this was excellent till the end.You handled the pain that hatched from love exceptionally well.And the question pops again and again in my head-now what.Will Paul ever be able to come back to terms…Well,now all is a test of Kate's patience and love.A wonderfully written complex story,and the complexity keeps me entwined even more.Gud 1.~Harsha

  4. Well this is wht happens when some1 betrays u …may be kate failed to realize her husbands busy schedule nd as a partner she shdnt have doubted his love towards her…really bad …nd i m sure that she deserved the isnt a game or something…once u break relationship it is difficult to handle the pain may be she must have nt realized pauls pain when she left him…nd when she wants to be back with him…its paul ….nd yes was best till the end…this happens nd u r fabulous ….keep writing such dont u enable pop up comments dude….:D

  5. Stephen:Yeah, she realizes Paul's pain but at a juncture too late! Glad you liked it dude. I'll definitely try to write more!PS to ur PS: enabled now! take care! 🙂

  6. Yvonne:Yes. Quite some issues. Forgiveness not among them, because forgiving such a pain may not be easy I guess.Glad you found my story thought provoking! 🙂

  7. Nabi:yeah, those cracks are very distinct at times. This occasion is one among them I guess… Unopened letters are indeed quite suggestive…Glad you liked it! 🙂

  8. oucchhh…that is painful…separations always are…and reconciliation n forgiveness becomes really difficult at times..very well narrated Leo…i m njoying ur stories like ur poetry…but now this waiting is difficult…first i will have to wait for monday…n now tuesday as well…but i know its worth it!all the best for the upcoming parts…i m eagerly waiting to know what happens next!take care!god bless!

  9. Parzi:hehe… this is the end of the story dear…!carry on tuesday is a prompt site..!glad u r liking my stories and my poems as well! keep reading! 🙂

  10. ohoooo…soooooo sorrrryyyyyyyyyyy….got confused…fool that i am…hmm…thats means no forgiveness…true ya…its not possible always!bitter reality but there r no happy endings always!because life is not a fairy tale!great one!!!very nicely done Leo!n hey actually i had come back to ask u to please check out the comments on the recent post in my blog…dint know where to drop the confused with the moderation thing so i have dropped it there!okieee…so very nicely i have proved my dumbness in one day that too twice…please bear with my confusion…n so sorry for the inconvenience i caused!n one last bit-the new template n look is awesome!!!!!thanks a lot!!!!!!!take care!god bless!

  11. Parzi:why do u put urself down so? ur not a fool.. don't say that! :)forgiveness isn't always possible. bitter reality. life is no fairytale indeed! will check ur recent comments and invite u 🙂

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