Money or Care?

Don’t get mislead by the title. This post is not about family arguments on who gets the better when the will of whoever is dead is read out afterward. That will form another nice reality bite ,though this being my first or maybe second venture into writing reality doses, I am not sure of the people who will read this and say what they feel. Oh well, I’ll let time decide that.

I’ve confessed in a tag before that I’m a cellphone addict. I really cannot manage to go an hour without a glance into it to check if I’ve missed a call or a beep indicating one of my umpteen friends (or My Today subscriptions) has sent me a message. From a nice healthy bill of 1.2k plus a month, I’ve controlled it these last few months to get it down to as less as 120 only. I rarely check if my service provider is sticking to the plan I’ve subscribed to, and frankly after a year of good customer care, I actually had sunk to trusting them to do their job and mind my own business. 

I am not money hungry, but being conscious of how to reduce the bill even further, I took to a so-called SMS pack which granted me a certain number of cost free messages every day. Yeah, it worked quite nicely but to my shock, I saw money still being deducted from my account with every message. A call to the customer care center turned quite well, with a “I do not know why you are being charged for messages sir,  perhaps your plan has been withdrawn.” Oh well, that’s the end of that and it actually pisses me off, because of the validity period of the pack, only one day had eclipsed and my money put into recharging seems to have gone down the drain.

Jobless as my mind is these days, I got to thinking, and came to wonder, why subscribers aren’t informed to when the plan is withdrawn or changed..? I mean, we pay them what they ask for, atleast we have the right to know when the service conditions is changed. Yeah yeah, I read the terms and conditions when I purchased the connection, that they could change it without notifying me… but it’d be very nice if that clause was removed. After all, I can knowingly spend money for talking for a certain period of time, than unknowingly spend double the amount. 

In most service providers I’ve seen, it is either care for the customer’s problems, or a want for more and more money. It’d be nice if more preference was given to care though with the recession these days, I wouldn’t say no if that OR was replaced by AND.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “Money or Care?”

  1. yepppiee…..first one today…i'm so happy….anyway b4 someone else comes let me just quickly come to the post…this was a new take from the poetry and was a very nice read Leo..and i so agree with you and you won't believe it but thats exactly what airtel did to me…a few months back…really if we talk of customer care services then the customer should be atleast reminded of the withdrawal..before it becomes"a too late..too bad"case!and hey i managed to be here on time…i m improving na?

  2. the best way ditch the cell phone bro…no its just a thought…but frankly speaking lot of people irritate me more then anything with their schemes and things …well i hate them so much x-(….urs..hemu..

  3. I too add my voice with u vinay, for advising the service providers to keep informing about the offers. but as we know, the offers keep on changing every day. From my side, i get half a dozzen of calls from my service provider, but i dont listen to any of them, not even one call is lucky enough to have got my notice. though they may have called to inform me, my reaction would be the same..:) Its just my point of view, but in general, yes i agree with u, the change in the schemes must have been informed, atleast to the person who is using it. ANd hey, 1.2 K to 120 Rs…drastic change?? hw u could have dont that? tell me the secre ..:)

  4. Customer care can be seriously some fun at times… they never know things and they can't provide you with necessary info, they do not know anything but in the end they find a way to blame the customer for their own faults. sigh

  5. i hate customer care, it is such a pain.but once they worked in my favor so i appreciate!but 90% of the times they are a pain!they think they care when they actually are puttin me on a needle and makin me ache grrr!!p.s.chk it out

  6. good one dear…soo true..i totally agree instead of giving missed calls and letting us to select caller tune..ring tune tat this… i wod really appreciate if they give more importance on wat we ask for n not on unnecessary stuffs…

  7. Deviating from your usual genre, this was different!Nice but and I agree to too many things I interpreted from the post!Customer care, its high time, changed its tactics of service!!Keep writing..:)

  8. Sure thing… These service providers are very keen on finding all sorts of innovative ways in squeezing every dime out of us. Just today, I was furious at my service provider for the change of Plan. I would surely vouch for the 'and' part of it πŸ™‚

  9. haha! πŸ™‚ m glad u r first Parzi! :)thanks for agreeing with me. yeah its a too late case most of the time!and ur exact on time! as usual! πŸ™‚

  10. a good write..feel sorry for u..i dont use my mob much..only to call my husband daily,(which sometimes irritates him, too bad,too late to change the habit after 17yrs of marriage.. keep writing.. enjoy reading u.

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