Chronicles of Cat … Part 1

On a bench in the park, she sat awaiting his arrival. The beauty surrounding her knew no bounds. The greenery adjoining the River Lee is quite a site to behold as the serene river winds its way to meet the River Thames at Stratford. It was her first visit to the country, on holiday, enjoying her honeymoon, thanks to a gift given to her by her colleagues. An all expenses paid trip for two to England.

A minute later, her view of the surrounding beauty disappeared as friendly hands covered her eyes. Her lips formed into a smile, as she gently removed them and kissed them passionately. Another moment and he was sitting by her side, gazing into her eyes. The love he had professed for her couple of years back when they first met had only become more, the passion still burnt in his eyes. She meant more to him than life itself. Without another word, his lips touched hers and the world was lost in a mist to them.

Later, they sat by the riverside, having a picnic. The sandwiches and cakes were delicious, yet she missed the cooking of her friend in India. According to her, he was the best cook there could be and after sharing in two of her adventures, their friendship had grown. He could understand her thoughts, and whispered something in her ear, making her smile again. That was something she liked in him. He could make her smile any time, even in the darkest hour. The sound of a passing ferry caught her attention, and she wanted to ride in that. Again he whispered, and the smile broadened. He always knew what she wanted. She leaned forward and gave him a hug.

The sun was setting, as they climbed aboard the ferry as it left the dock for its tour of the river. Except for an elderly couple, they were quite alone for this trip. They took up the seats near the back, away from the couple who sat at the front. The crew of the ferry, a young captain at the wheel and two deckhands were quite willing to leave them alone. As the ferry cruised along its serene paths, they stood near the side, talking of the future. The talk turned to children. He was adamant that the first child would be a girl, and she countered in the other way. They were laughing. A tug at her skirt made her turn around, and she saw a little girl, about ten years old standing there, smiling. She bent down and said, “Hey sweetheart. What is your name?”

The little girl’s reply was lost in a sound that turned her heart to stone. She had heard that sound many times before, and the sound rang out again. She held the little girl close to her, and covered her. As she got up again, the world around her seemed to be moving in circles as it started to spin. The captain and deckhands were running toward her, but she had collapsed, hearing a distinct splash as soon as the second sound was heard. He had disappeared.

The swirling world came to a halt. She opened her eyes and saw the cream color ceiling of her bedroom. She was sweating profusely. A glass of water was at her bedside, but she moved to the refrigerator and gulped down a bottle of cold water and splashed some on her face as well. It had been six months since this last happened. She had thought it had gone, and so had he. Again her most undesirable fear had returned. A glance at her bedside table, and her heart began to beat very fast. A partly wrapped package, a gift from her colleagues… A trip for two to England.

(to be continued… next monday)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

12 thoughts on “Chronicles of Cat … Part 1”

  1. Leo, just romantic in the beginning..and then the suspense.. waiting for more.. beautiful description of the surroundings, the love between the couple.. thank you.

  2. what you have here is a masterpiece….try breaking it into more conversationsthere is only one dialogue in the entire piece which makes it look more like a poetryAMAZED at your conceiving skillstoo good…created an image in my mind and transported me to london free of cost 🙂

  3. god..I don't know how did i miss this one…sorrry Leo…I am late again…but thank god i came..because this is a wonderful piece of work…superb narration…i could really feel that everything is happening before my eyes…loved it…but now who is going to wait till monday…as it is you have left it on suspenseful turn…plzz complete it soon…i am eagerly waiting….gud luck for it!take care!

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