A Special Day… My Favorite Day…

Twenty two years ago, on a Tuesday, I was born into this world. My parents decided one child was enough and I was the lone child, to be raised in splendor, apple of their eyes. The first five years of my life, are a blur. Not much to remember, probably because I was a loner. No one to share with, play with…

Then you came. On the last day of April, born into this world, my sister… My cousin sister, but as we were a joint family, I had no complaints. I had a sibling. A little joy to share my life with, to play with and to trouble at times… I remember looking through a book of names to decide what my sister would be called. In the end, we decided on it, so our nicknames matched. I watched you grow up, my days at school used to be endless considering how much I wanted to be with you. Ask granny, she’ll tell you how fast I used to walk home, just to say hi to you and hold your hand and try to make you smile. I got the first piece of birthday cake every time. I was the person you hugged in our photos, who would laugh when I saw you run behind me when I was playing badminton. I loved you so much then, and I still do.

The day of Rakshabandhan has always been special to me… I never knew why you, with the help of my mom when you were little, would tie a thread with some design on my hand on a particular day every year. Only after two years of tying did I find out, that that thread meant you trusted me to keep you safe and to love you as only a brother could. From that day, it has meant more to me than even my birthday. I have still with me, every rakhi you have tied on my hand for the past eight years, the other to my sorrow, were lost when we changed residence. I keep them with me as safely as I can, and I think I will for a long time! Each of those threads means so much to me, as do you.

You are the one I fight with, teach Math to, coach in badminton, play carom with still now. I remember the days when you and I used to race each other on our bicycles to school. I may not tell you this often, but I do love you a hell of a lot, and you are the angel in my life. I know that when you tie this thread on my hand, I ought to be returning something to you, to tell I shall not betray the trust you have in me as your brother, but today I haven’t given you anything yet. See soon dear, and I shall not forget your gift. Till then, I recollect a poem I wrote for you once. It is one of my favorites.

In my memories I see, her florid face,
Under a tree, on rainy days,
A drop of rain, on the tip of her nose,
Shivering cold, we held each other close

In my memories I see, her charming smile,
In the sun, we chased each other, all the while,
Like we were flying, we would run without fear,
Shouting aloud, for the world to hear

In my memories I see, her tearful black eyes,
When she fell down, she’d come to me and cry,
Five minutes later, we’d go again to play,
Like she never did fall down, that day

In my memories I see, her long black hair,
Oh my God, what troubles did be share,
Pulling each others hair, when we were mad,
Yet those fights, never did make us sad

In my memories I hear, her soft little voice,
I’d be smiling, seeing her try and make noise,
Yet when we cycled to school, she’d scream a lot,
Wanting to be first, we raced without thought

She has not changed, even now we fight,
For just those five minutes, like it was our right,
She is my darling, she will always be,
My sweet little sister, dearest always to me

Thank you so much for the rakhi, and I shall treasure it for ever dear.

The poem and post above dedicated to my dearest hothead of a cousin, Anu, who I love a lot! The rakhi in the picture is the one she tied to my wrist this year, its not very clear, but it’s Lord Ganesha’s head with gold sprinkling around it, and a few beads as well.

On this special day, I also want to wish my virtual sisters, who have been there for me lots of times, and who I love as a brother. How much they mean to me, cannot really be put into words that easily, so I’ll leave it for now and just go ahead and give them each a big hug for the time being! Happy Rakshabandhan to you, my virtual sisters Callie, Nushy, Divz and Preetilata. Love ya loads!

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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