The Wedding

My thoughts ensnared My heart cradled in love My life seems perfect As I stand at the altar The fragrance of roses Fills the air with love The music so very divine I see you approach me Swimming before my eyes Memories of a month before The fragrance of roses As I stood on one … Read more

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I loved the street where I grew up. It has a lot of memories that are dear to my heart. I had my first fall, found my first friend and my first bicycle ride all in that very street. All these memories bring a tear of joy every time I remember them. It was a … Read more

Did I Know You?

I saw the pain, in your hypnotic eyes I took your hand, made you smile again I was by your side, when you sulked Never let a single tear Even form in your eyes Then you went away Left me alone A tear dripped Sliding Slow Now I feel I knew notWho you were dear … Read more

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At Crossroads In Life

Lost in thoughts now Yesterday is now past I cannot get it back Yet I seem to be chained Someone says to me Forget the past, let it be Then recounts it all again Puts me through the pain Lost in thoughts now The future is in my palms The crystal ball glowing Yet I … Read more

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Show Me The Way

Muted moonlight beams That stream through window pane On me casts mystic dreams Of unconquered goals that begin to wane Stars that shine with brilliant light Show me the way I have to go In which direction I should take flight Only they to my heart can show A breeze that blows through the cloud … Read more


Lord, why am I alive?I did my best I know,Yet this moment I cry. Lord, why can’t I smile?I know that I want to,Yet I cannot at this time. Lord, why can’t I pass?I know I that I could,Yet I fall a bit short, alas. Lord, what I did wrong?I knew the lyrics, the tune,How … Read more