Conjuring Kreativity… (Sonshu)

Its a real honor to do a guest post at such a persons blog. So im indeed really very happy to do this! Thanks so much Leo aka Vinu! Here is my try at an acrostic for you about you and your blog.

Creativity comes to you naturally
Of all the masters you are the best
No one exists that doesn’t admire you
Juggling through so many blogs
U are an angel
Remain in everyone’s hearts
Infinite number of friends you have
Not countable are your fans
Graciously commenting on all the posts

Keep flying forever higher and higher
Remaining as you always are
Every word of yours is treasured
Amazing stories and poems too
Tell us how you do it so well
Ideas fill your mind
Very original and oh so novel
Innovative and imaginative you are
Tough it is to describe you
Your friendship I will treasure forever….

Now lets get to know a bit about Leo and Blogosphere to him! I interviewed Leo with few questions…And since now LEO has become the most wanted interviewee!
Leo Speaks Out Loud on Spill The Beans With Sonshu…

1. My first question is: Since you have had so many blogs..Name all of them.
Umm, sure. Conjuring Kreativity, I Rhyme Without Reason(now combined to first blog), Time to Rhyme, The Writer’s Lounge, Unheard Melodies, My Diary, The Gateway Of India, ImPromptu, Silent Resonations, Envisioned Reality, Penoramatic Reveries.

2. Why do you blog? Whats the sole reason of blogging to you?
I blog coz I want to. Its an escape route for my emotions and thoughts. I want to share my li’l talent of poetry with you all, and improve at the same time. Hence I blog.

3. Name 10 special people on Blogsville. People who matter the most to you on Blogsville that is.
Umm, I can’t rank people as being more special or less special. In my journey so far, everyone have played equal role. From my first friend Nirmal to the newest in you, Rose, Freelancer etc. every friend has helped me boost my level of poetry. So sorry.. can’t say top ten!

4. Whats ur favorite post of yours till date?
I love all my posts, but my favorite is “Why Should I Not Smile, When I Believe In Me”. Its the last post in Aug08 archive, and I wrote it to try and increase a friend’s confidence when he was feeling down. He loved it and called me up to thank me, and happiness in his voice, made me happy too. So thats why its my favorite!

5. Whats your favorite post on any other person’s blog? Any one post which you loved the best while bloghopping?
Erm, there are many. I can’t rank as favorite one among all blogs, but there are favorites in each blog for sure. Each blogger has his/her unique flavour in their work, which leaves very less room for comparisons.

6. How do you feel now? Since you have completed 200 posts?
Still feel like I’m in my first post and I’ve got lot to learn. As the journey continues, I will definitely learn more and become even more better I believe.

7. Any memorable experience at Blogsville? And an embarrassing one?
Yeah. Memorable was when I got a virtual sister. She’s my mirror image in rhyme and goes by the name of The Pink Orchid. She’s one who is there for me all the time, to listen to my ramblings and pre-review my poems when I want her to. Embarassing one… let that be secret itself.

8. What do you think of yourself as a blogger, a poet and as a story writer? Which do you think you do the best?
Yeah, as a blogger I’m happy to be where I am. I’ve got a lot of friends and readers who support me and will me onward to more successes. As a poet and story writer, I feel I’m still having a long way to go to complete that journey. Its an endless one, since even the most experienced teacher can still learn more. The best is when all the three combine. No wonder I’m addicted to blogging already.

9. Hmm…which day did you first start blogging on? And how did it come along?
I started blogging on 4th November 2006. I was getting bored with studying all the time and my friend Nirmal ha d a blog already. He suggested that since I was a good poet already, I put up my work on a blog. I started out on the venture with less interest and then interest dwindled again due to various reasons. Took up active blogging only in June 08. and after that there has been no looking back.

10. What was the first blog you visited other than yours. The first one! No cheating!
Thats easy. It was Nirmal’s blog. “To Think To Live”. From his, I went to Cinderella’s “Intelligensia” next.

Thanks so much for telling us about you!

Hugs and mwaaahs!! Thanks for the opportunity to do my second guest post and my first blog interview!!

Keep writing and reach the clouds…You are almost there!

Loads of Royal Love
Princess Sonshu

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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