The Rainbow of Your Friendship! (Nabila)

Today when I saw one of the guest posts as part of the celebrations at CONJURING KREATIVITY …..i was somehow engulfed with emotions and didn’t know what to say! It wasn’t any high level post but a simple heart felt post by Pratsy! But the amount of love I have been seeing on this blog as part of his 200 post celebration had already left me so amazed and this post just made me choked with emotions in certain ways!

I just casually left him a message in goggle talk telling him how lucky he is to have friends who love him so much! And thus originated the idea for this post and I just couldn’t refuse!
You all must be wondering why the exhibition of love and friendship choked me out. Its not that I lack friends or anything! Infact I have been lucky to have always had such great friendships in life that I wonder do I even deserve it. Knowingly or unknowingly I lost loads of friends in the circle of life and most of them were the closest one and I started to believe in this one quote I invented “I am an expert in losing Best Friends”

That’s why a self imposed isolation followed during one of the crucial career phases and then I choose never to bring those friends back. I don’t end friendships ever but then I lost the closeness so now I don’t even expect or try to win it back……and that’s what I missed when I read those posts!

You must be wondering what a crazy girl I am to make the celebration into bit philosophical and emotionally sad. Well I thought I would do a direct from heart post for someone who defines friendship in true sense so maybe a bit of philosophy. I met Leo in Writers Lounge a few months back. Writer’s Lounge was like a rain in the desert in my life. It not only helped me to get back to my creative self after four years of bareness but also made me aware of composing many kind of genre apart from poetry and to further improvise of my style. So, writers lounge made my life more creatively rejuvenating and made me come out of the friendship block as I started making friends after long.

Vinay was the first friend I remember adding on my messenger. Even though I have interacted very less with him, he is one person who is just beyond word. He is the one to encourage me the most when it comes to writing, he is the one who brings rainbow without blues when I feel blue and he is the one who fills pinks in my dull life. In short he is someone whose sweet concerned messages in my dark days make me feel so nice that I can’t even express.

Since this post is about celebration I thought of composing something about his blog. And here it comes

Over the top
Nuances of wisdom
Juggling the mind
Umbilical cord
Ruminating ideas
Neon of the mind
Gestating the soul

Karaoke of
Existing in eternity
Infinite memories
Through time
Yearning to be told

And since this Blog is nothing without Leo, the Lion so I came up with this about LEO!

Lion of the Infinite space
Emanating ideas
Originating in the realms of creativity

But then Leo is nothing without Vinay, the person behind this space. So as a way to celebrate his endeavor I would like to dedicate a small piece to him too.

Inside a creative mind
Naive with a beauty
Amidst the world of duty
Yearning for love

Rumbling ideas
Able mind
Venom for hate
Inside a
Reminiscing experiences
Natural creator
Able friend
Tested against time
Hoping and giving all

Well this was just a small way to celebrate the space of someone who truly defines friendship in the true sense. Someone who’s love for his friends is just beyond words and expressions and I m just so glad that I do have a friend like him.I would like to end this post with few simple words:-

Life is short and the journey is big,
Experiences are harsh and moments are weak,
Heart often hurts but then friends often heal,
No qualms exists and no scare exists,
As long Friendship exists being so genuine,
Love makes it work because it has someone as wonderful as you!

So here I end my post with best wishes and congratulation to this special friend of mine!

Thanks for being there!

A Big Hug to You!

Cheers and Best Wishes


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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