Techno Ties…..(Stephen)

I’m writing a technical post after a long time. Infact my hands were itching to write one.I use this opportunity to write something different for this space.

Techno ties is what we call today’s scenario as. Media goes vis-a-vis with technology. Excuse me for writing a techno post as a guest post for a comrade.But I’m going to explore certain things which inspired me rather few things through which I’m deeply bonded with in this blogworld.It is this sperm of ‘technology’ that mates the ‘blog’ ovaries in the ‘media’ womb.The product of the pair is something which bonds people in internet.By media in this perspective I’m definitely addressing Blogs,e-sites etc. Our main focus of attention should be blogs. I am not a technocrat. A tech Whiz is what the owner of this space calls me ,but I would definitely prefer to be the Solitary Writer.Blog as media is a great topic and I’m honoured for giving me this opportunity to write a guest post. To start with,I would like to explain what a blog means.In laymans term, blog is a space in www where we write our stuffs.Experts technically call it “Weblog” . They define weblog as a collection of log of articles in form of posts including poems,stories,research work etc which are embeded into www.This basically constructs the Layman version of blog definition. We as a blogger , have been using this media as a mean of expressing ourself.The writer may wish to impress his readers and would like him/her to return back to their space.

The writer-reader relation should exhibit a covalent bond and it should not be a transient relationship.There should be a mutual understanding between the writer and his readers.Only this will help.Blogging isn’t a one day task.As we all are aware of this proverb,”Rome was not build in a single day”.Similarly when we intent to create a blog,we don’t expect it to reach the zenith in due course.There are few many who have dedicated their time for their blog like Kajal Singh,Mehreen, Vinay etc.They can be counted amongst the popular bloggers in today’s scenario with 100 plus followers.
Well you may be wondering where technology comes into picture.We haven’t arrived at that part.Before that I conducted survey amongst few bloggers. I asked them “Can a blog be a stand alone entity without help of technology?”. As I expected,most of them answered ‘No’.Technology ties with Blog and its the biggest venture.Yes,Technology has its role in the development of a blog.With Seo and other services,the spectrum has just widened.Imagine a blog without features like followers,shoutbox,blogroll,live feed etc.It would be boring;isn’t it?. Yes to make it more attractive there are 3rd parties software vendors who take gain and pain to create applications that can be coupled with other applications to attract readers.In a casual tete-a-tete with my blogger friend Apurva Desai,I asked her few things about the same.She is not a tech whiz,but her reply was something that I expected.She definitely spoke about the latest advancements in the blogworld like what I mentioned above.She spoke about templates as an important factor for grabbing readers attention.Writers goal is popularity of the articles(posts) which is directly or indirectly depended on the readers views in form of comments.A comment is a lifeline to every blogger. A study was conducted which states the loyalty of your readers.How long does a reader cherishes your work.It was observed that most of the comments were associated with people in blogroll rest followed by people arriving from other agencies like search, social networking sites,ads etc.Google Analyst can be useful at times which provides a great deal of information related to blog in form of various statistics. Prior to ‘followers’ application ,a blogger wasn’t aware of the readers origin.Thanks to Google for introducing this Google friends features that uses ‘Followers’ application for creating a unique bond between blogger and reader. Latest advancements are Moblogging or Mobile blogging.We can extract features provided by mobile phones to blog. Lets deviate from blogs for some time and lets talk about other things.Twitter is pretty popular these days.I recently created a twitter account after the hype created by my friends.To be honest I did not enjoy a single bit of it.Few weeks later I learnt that around 25 odd people were following me.Amazing! and it was only the 2nd time I logged into Twitter.Yes,it is popular and its popularity can been seen from Prez Obama to Malika Sherawat and from WL Premio Sandeep Balan to young Princess Sonshu. Everyone likes it.

When the technological sperm penentrates into the media called worm,we see a revolution which would be called technological revolution in the field of media and thus will lead to changes.In short Technology ties.

I really don’t know if I have done justice to this guest post.This is a feast where poetry merges with prose, a unique fete in the blogworld in Leo’s space.Its the marriage between ‘I Rhyme Without Reason’ and ‘Conjuring Kreativity’. It is a special occasion for each one of us .Leo,thanks for creating a heaven on web. Each poem of yours is like a gradient pixel in an image.It may not carry much of information,but its necessary to get a crystal clear view of image . Your prose is a perfect treat for every one here.I have vivid memory of the child labour related article of yours where the little girl was the main protogonist.It was thought provoking.I really appreciate the amount of efforts you put in for your blogs and I’m quite sure you have achieved more than what you’ve invested in form of followers and friends. Leo,your poems can speak.Its imbued with emotions ,feelings and everything that fits in the perfect poem category .Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity for expr essing my views regarding advancement in technology in field of media.Here,I’m honoured and priveliged to be a part of this unique merge of poem and prose .Poetry marries Prose in blogworld.I’m happy and overwhelmed to be part of this event.Thanks for offering me this chance to write a guest part. I think I’ve not dissappointed Leo’s readers.Thank you and wishing you luck for your future endeavours.
Best Wishes,
The Solitary Writer

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