Whispers in the rain, promises broken, Oliphant will, deafening silence now Resounding through the valley, I hear a Distant echo, one word, piercing my heart. LOVE   Image Courtesy The form of poetry is a decasyllabic quatrain with no rhyme scheme. Each line has exactly ten syllables, and I have also combined to make an … Read more Love


I am born when you close your eyes And drift off to sweet sleep Conjured by your most yearned thoughts Which in your heart you keep I am good when your thoughts are I can show that for you what you yearn I can make you smile in your sleep Make your deepest passions burn … Read more Dream

Far Away…

Darkness looming in skies above Below turbulent waters do wait Lightning flashing through the sky Booming thunder echoes through As reflected in the sky is my mind Gloom clouding me thoughts now Every hope unsure like the waters Anger little flashing through my eyes Making me utter words I know not I await the storm … Read more Far Away…

Don't Forget Me

Speak To Me… Your silence feelsLike a thousand needlesStraight into my heartOnly your little wordsMake my sorrows depart Talk With Me… Without your wordsMy heart withers awayLike a leaf blown off a treeOnly your melodious voiceShall end my misery Shout At Me… Your anger I shall not mindI perhaps deserve your wrathYour words I did … Read more Don't Forget Me