Throw It Away

One a day, he couldn’t do without,
Making some excuse, he’d go out,
A puff in the rain, he did love to do,
Addicted he became, he wanted few.

He tried to stop, for help he did ask,
But he found to stop, was too big a task,
He threw away, the packets he had,
But without them, he just went mad.

Wanted he so much, to just quit,
In the end, he only stopped trying,
Puffing away, a dozen a day,
Poor old fella, didn’t realize he was dying.

One fine day, he said goodbye,
To the world he did love so much,
He had had his last puff, his last breath,
A final puff, till the unavoidable death,
Did take him away from misery such

My friends, never be like him,
Don’t puff, and make your life sad,
You take away, your life from you,
From those who so dearly love you,
Throw it away, do that and be glad.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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