Silent Recollections…

It has been four years. Four years since that day, when I met you for the very first time. I still remember that day; I nearly knocked you down, running to take shelter from the rain. Love at first sight. A day when my dreams did come true and you gave me the opportunity to … Read more

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Whispers in the rain, promises broken, Oliphant will, deafening silence now Resounding through the valley, I hear a Distant echo, one word, piercing my heart LOVE   Submitted to One Single Impression Image Courtesy The form of poetry is a decasyllabic quatrain with no rhyme scheme. Each line has exactly ten syllables, and I have … Read more

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—!~Take 1~!— Captured Once Never Free Intrigue Nestles Elusive Measures Evade Now Tragically —!~Take 2~!— Chained mind Only reminisces Now the silence Far is the future Inviting me now is Nostalgia as Ever near are Memories that Entrance me Now and forever Trapped I am within me Inspired by Acrostic Only Image Credit Judges for … Read more


Monsoon Humid and wet Sweating, drizzling, dripping Yet presenting memories new Rainfall   Prompted @ One Word – One Single Impression Image Credits The form of poetry is a cinquain. Perhaps it is a childish attempt, but I loved writing it! 🙂

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