I am troubled. I don’t know why. Somewhere deep down, I feel betrayed. I have always set high ideals to my friendship, but these days I feel I am letting myself slip up in those ideals. I seem to be questioning myself “am I a good friend?” I am not getting answers. In bringing myself … Read more Friends?


Equals are both Quite meant to be Unlike but alike Atrocious would be Love if one would Separate the two Earnestly I can Quip that I can’t Understand how Anyone can just Layer the worth So equally deserved Ever reactive is this Quiet world of ours Underestimates one Although it knows Like in nature around … Read more Equals

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Never forgotten memories Of times of yore, when Stars you aimed to touch Tranquil mind reminds Always of those moments Life had given you to cherish Gone are those days In life, when you laughed Always without a worry Nestled deep in heart Only for you to reminisce Sending waves of pleasure Tears of joy … Read more Nostalgia