The Unheard Voice…

Unheard went the voice
Unseen went the rain of tears
Helpless and alone

Unheard went the voice
No wind carried the sad song
It became the past

Autumn leaf fallen
Thrown from where it did belong
No light it did see

A joy for the world
To hold close in winter cold
Now a memory

I speak today for that unheard voice
For that unseen rain of its tears
For that little joy abandoned
Killed before it could smile
A cruel murder
An innocent
Life is now

It did give
For such a sin
No one can forgive
No crime it did commit
To kill a life so blessed
No reason to me is valid
They shall never live in peace again

Abortion is perhaps the most vile murder. To kill a baby before it opens its eyes, sees the light and brightens this world with its smile and laughter, its cries… is despicable. No reason can be good enough to justify such an act of cruelty.

Pic: abortion by amelee(deviantart)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

58 thoughts on “The Unheard Voice…”

  1. This is Excellent! I mean wow! I am so against Abortion but as Divya said some are Justified there there are those that use it as a form of birth control! Sad but so true! I got much more from this post also! So many thoughts came in my mind while reading this! NE.

  2. NO!! SERIOUSLY!! You’re GOD at this stuff man!! You did it again!! And damn cool pic!! I could guess what its about as soon as I saw it!!All I’ll do is, bow, and turn around!! 😐 A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! And you say you Rhyme without Reason??No no no. Rename it!! :PGrrrrreatttt work!! :DHave fun. See you when I see you… πŸ™‚

  3. yes sometimes it is justified..but mostly IT IS NOT! bloody murderers.. i love d 3rd stanza..niceee use of metaphor.. :)))))

  4. So very true…beautifully written Vinay, as usual…I needn’t even start of praising you. You have such a gift for words….Just discussing with Hemanth that you really should get some of your work published…its really touching, your thoughts and emotions…I’m sure a lot more ppl will appreciate it :)Keep rocking πŸ™‚ and repky to hemanth’s mail…I guess he is waiting for ur reply

  5. thats some beautiful rite up man :)..its soo sad to see some people killing their own blood :(…the whole concept was wonderful :)…urs..hemu..

  6. Abortion is the worst type of death you can give to a child,indeed.A child who hasn’t even been introduced to the light f the world,and put to the clutches of death before it…..what a “life”But beautifully put..accolades fr you!

  7. no more words….can you please try and hear the voice of my heart….!!!beautiful poem Leo…i just want to grab off your pen so that it will help me write such wonderful poems….!!! good work dear..!!!abt the name…i find the present one good and different. the one you mentioned is not something that goes with your blog….try anything else but to me the present one is good….!!!!keep the good work going dear…!!!

  8. medical termination of pregnancy can sumtyms b desirable.but,4m an emotional angle it is cruel,of course.n ur poetry is needless 2 say,flawless.i like ur blog name,cant imagine it being changed.

  9. beautiful leo…..i have no words manreally a good cause…abortion is bad …..and the poem is good … i loved the way u have written it,,….the design every thing follows it

  10. your lines have touched me…a thing which has become so common today…ahh! how sad…I don’t have..words t express the emotion…thhe nme i suggest wud beMy words..wrapped with emotions

  11. i loved it. a meaningful poem with so much of beauty.abortion is definitely a crime where the victim doesn’t even gt d chance to make a single objection…doesn’t even gt d chance to know what is happening.u have portrayed his pain so impact fully and beautifully.loved d structure. πŸ™‚

  12. i love “i rhyme without reason”it is a powerful title with so many hidden, in directive, yet at times sums up life’s ironical nature.can’t imagine any other title. the silver lining is very nice but not unique.

  13. People ought to think before…Anyone who is practicing that evil act of killing a girl child in the rural India must be caught and executed on sight.Abortion on medical grounds is something we can accept but not the ones for other stupid reasons.Noble post.

  14. hey abortion is a crime and i completly agree with you …people who abort their child are irresponsible …hey you had said that you’ll checkout my poems after your xzamshere is my blog

  15. I dont think abortion is a crime.. Bringing an unwanted child into this world is bigger crime.. frankly.. its better to not bring a child to this world.. than to bring it and not cherish is.. personal opinion ofcourse πŸ™‚

  16. with due respect to your feelings and the poignant verse.. I’d only say its a better alternative sometimes if the child’s life can’t be taken proper care of.. but then whatever happens in our country coz of gender issues is heinous and that’s a different matter altogether..

  17. No doubt it is the biggest crime but you know Leo,sometimes in very rare cases it has to be done(my Uncle and aunt are both gynaecologists-thats why I know). Anyways, nice the have been awarded yet again! visit my blog!:)

  18. gautham, thanks…and i will read urs when i get time… u dont need to mention the url, will come there later. donno when.

  19. poohi, if they cant cherish it, i blv adoption can be an option cant it? give it to someone who can cherish it? better than killing it right??u r entitled to ur opinion, not invalidating it, just stressing a point…

  20. same as poohi aria… dont u think giving it to someone who can cherish for it can be a better option..??regards the gender thing, thats intolerable…

  21. I agree abortion is a crime it is not just the murder of one but the death of a whole way of life the death of tomorrow

  22. Well…a nice topic of discussion..well…even m against abortion but if its inevitable…then ppl shall go ahead.Silver Lining is apt…go ahead

  23. Well yes adoption is an option.. but dont u think in india there are already too many orphans.. and too less adoption right ?

  24. possibly winnie, but if u dont want a kid, then why start at all?? isn’t that better than killing it after making it?adoption is hindered in india by beliefs and superstitions… but there are many out there, who can’t conceive… maybe they are willing to adopt. i am against loss of an innocent life, for no fault of it.

  25. Well done poem.And for a good cause.regarding the new blog name – I dont read others’ comments so I dont know what others have suggested. I would suggest, ‘I RHYME FOR A REASON’

  26. powerful lines out thr.. da message pretty loud n clear.. !!Abortion is definitely objectionable but al circumstances r different,, sum times da reasons r far more deep than one sees it on da front..!!i luv da way u create these hour glass shaped poems.. πŸ™‚

  27. hi….. lovely poem and an awesome blog….kudos on the good work.I would love to have your comments on my short stories… visit my blog and have a read…and happy new year……

  28. muthu, thank u…and i will drop by after exams perhaps…!! :)thanks for liking, welcome to my blog, and happy new year to u too…

  29. Good one Vinay, especially the structuring and of course the theme itself!Thank you for the kind wishes left behind at my blog:) Wish you too the same, in abundance!A name for the blog?Resonance in Rhymes, Reason and Rhythm..[Don’t stone me, you asked for it!! Lol!]

  30. firstly, great poem. glad it has evoked such a nice conversation :)next, my personal opinion – there are many cases in which strong social/other problems come up. you already acknowledged medical reasons. psychological reasons come into picture too. i assume you consider it under medical. you must of course, have read or watched “fountain head”. what do you say to that. isn’t it part of your life you are deciding with such actions ? don’t you have to have control over it ? ultimately, its the society. i don’t think we should blame the parents alone. the society has to have good programmes to take care of children who can’t be raised by their parents due to various reasons. i agree bringing life to earth is a mistake probably. we need a clearer picture on itthere’s more to it. you’ve put a lot of things in a short poem :)finally, it being referred to as “another/different life” has a bias from the accepted theory of God, doesn’t it ? pardon my elaborate comment, btw

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