Let Me Die…

Let me die…

This life of mine is like a lie,
Every moment I do not try,
I feel like an empty shell.

Let me die…

If I cant make you laugh,
Is it right I gift you tears?
Make your joys disappear.

Let me die…

How is this me?
This is not who I want to be.
This is acting, reality.

Let me die…

Let me die, and be reborn,
Like a phoenix from the ashes.
A stronger, better me…

Share joys, not sorrow,
Not living on time borrowed,
A positive joy
ful me…

Let me die…

*birthofthephoenix by ladyberii(deviantart)
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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

53 thoughts on “Let Me Die…”

  1. Wonderful concept, Leo.I understand it now.And i loved d phoenix reference….. Awesome. All in all, a very good piece.:)

  2. Nice! I like the last part the rhyming words sorrow and borrowed go so well together. The photo would make a great painting!

  3. a very smart poem you know.. those who would say it is dark seem to have misread it or not read attentively.A very deep poem, Vinay :)Good job!

  4. TO die and to be reborn!! I love that.. You make me really think one Stanza at a time when I read your poems.. You do a great job!! again I loved this poem!! wooo hooooo!!! COngrats on your awards also!! You are a great person… I will send you that invite….Ne

  5. Kaash aisa ho sakta…(for the girlchild I mean). This can provide a great social message too. nice work!By the way-why disable comments? I won’t say ‘congrats'(lolzz)

  6. I feel like an empty shellgo ahead and open that empty shellfind da most beautiful pearl on earthIs it right I gift you tears?you are very true about thisu gift us the tears of happinesshow is this me?be what you want to bewe love you for the way you arenice post…keep penning…!!!

  7. solitary writer,welcome to my blog!! and the poem isn’t dark…!! its abt the darkness being reborn in light…!! sad thoughts changing to joyful ones…etc etc!!

  8. yamini, u changed ur pen name??cool re…nice viewpoints, loved ur replies…! but its not an autobiographic post da…!! just a mixture of thoughts!! 🙂

  9. Hi Leo, Nice one…felt like you have writte for me :)and YEAH, Congrats on the award…You got a beautiful blog..:)so many awards seen across today…Wish all were real…i kind of hate this virtual world at times :))sorry, if i’m wrong..its a personal opinion..not there for a debate :)wishes, devika

  10. Hi Vina..oh, i called you Leo earlier..don’t mind that..happens with me :)and this thinking that poets write for me is a notion that started very early in life…and its then that I appreciate poetry…then it becomes like a sedative to my mind :)that’s not to reduce the compliment..the poetry, along with picture was really, really good… :))wishes, devika

  11. I love coming back here again and again…and for good reason 🙂 … Been sending out links of my fav poems by you to family and frnz… you make so much sense vinay…. I absolutely love your poems…Keep rocking 🙂

  12. smriti,love having u here too dear…!! sending out links of my poems!! wowie…cool!! 🙂 glad u liked em..!!take care!!

  13. You are getting more mature in your poetry buddy,it’s very obvious to me since I am reading you after a long time.Way to go! 🙂

  14. i give u life…but all u want, is to diei give u hope…but all u want, is to cryi give u reality…but all u want, is a lullabyi give u reason…dont u c, that all u need is to try?this came to me after i read ur poem..may or maynot make sense but phir bhi likh diya… :)lovely poem as usual bro..n sammy is right..ur poems get better n more addictive day by day :)))

  15. dude i have been missin here…n now i feel really badabt it co have been missin some real good stuff…blogrollin ya

  16. so many make this wish to die, to be reborn, to have never taken birth… if only it were true.. I liked the lines ‘Let me die, and be reborn’ nice antithesis..

  17. gauri,welcome to my blog.as i have said to some others b4 u, its not an autobiography dear!! :Djust a collection of random thoughts!!do visit again soon!! 😛

  18. WOW … loved it …especially the line “This is acting, reality” BTW thanks a lot for visiting my blog =D

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