What Is Love?

What is love, I know not now,
Who can love you, when and how?
What I knew, that love was divine,
It would make me happy, feel so fine.

Is love only for your parents to give?

That love on which, you do live.
Does the love of a friend, mean nothing at all?
Isn’t that love there, when you climb and when you fall?

Is love only, your special one’s treasure?
That love, which always gives you pleasure.
Isn’t love meant, for a friend too?
That love and friendship, does it mean nothing to you?

Is love only, a sibling’s right?
That love, which makes you smile after a fight.
Isn’t in friendship, a great love born?
That love is forever, how can you scorn?

When you make a mistake, that love is there,
That love makes you smile, when you’re in despair,
To celebrate, when you have reached a high,
To make you dream more, aim farther to fly.

That love is true, never shall it die,
A friend is most special, they always stand by,
A friend’s love, is to me more cherished,
Even after death,remains not perished.

Don’t ever tell me again, that a friend cannot love,
If you do, I shall burn those damn words to dust,
They hurt me, more than needles in my soul,
Rather than that, hit me hard if you must.

*father and son by mudwrestler   *lovers by angelicek
*sisters to brothers by nush74   *true friendship by kimcats
all from deviantart

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

50 thoughts on “What Is Love?”

  1. loving words about LOVEgreatly woven by a wonderful personnever knew that this was all lovethanq that you made me knowlong live your work with the love of ur frndswith the art of ur penthouhts of your mindthat can leave the world behindgreat….awesome…marvllous….keep it up…!!!

  2. To love is to make special memoriesOf moments you love to recallOf all the good thingsThat sharing life bringsLove is the greatest of all.

  3. aaawwww…u make me want to run n hug all my friends… :)))) AWESOME vinay! “Don’t ever tell me again, that a friend cannot love”…somebody said that? omg..they obviously havent met me! :Ptc bro :)))

  4. Too many pictures,eh ?Cynical->Love's a deadly disease that can eat up one's intellect completely when he's hit by it..freezing his mental powers,and making him increasingly light-headed.LOLSerious->Love's just a feeling thats more special that other ones..Good one..as always ! 😛

  5. wats wid onion? koi mujhe bhi batao..yes frndship is forever..but dat frndship is rare to find..but if u find it hip hip hooray

  6. “Don’t ever tell me again that a friend DOESNOT LOVE ANY MORE,THESE WORDS PRICK ME LIKE needles in my soul,AND if you do, I shall burn those damn words to dust,ITS BETTER TO hit me hard if you must”How did you like the modified verse?Please take it as a suggestion-I don’t mean to offend you!(its your prerogative whether you implement it or not)I really liked the poetry and the thought behind it! 🙂

  7. oh people have abused that word to the so called ‘only love’ and I really dont give the ‘eff about it…love is everywhere and you dont even need 2 hearts for it, like, I love nature at its best… point well made… and the society needs to get it into their head atleast for our generation…Cheers mate…

  8. Mithe…hey kiran… edited one is nice too, but u see, the post is bcoz my friend told me ” a friend cannot love “… the exact words… so cannot edit to make it waht u suggested…besides, originality is a poet’s virtue…i like it just as it is, bcoz that came from my heart!! :)thanks for the suggestion, and m not offended…! glad u liked it!!

  9. One masterpiece.My SalutationsI’m honoured to have met a poet like you. :)Won’t forget this work for ages Leo. Honest.

  10. nicely written…yeah…ppl tend 2 giv romantic love mor importance but frendz,siblings,parents ll stand 4 u no matter wot u r…loved d poem!!!

  11. Oh I agree with Arv.. people abuse that word so so much! but you did a lot of justice in the break down of it in this piece… I read it more than once to let it sink into my brain!!You are a wonderful Writer.. Simple Beautiful!!!Ne

  12. Nostalgic write!Wonder y i said so?Ur write reminded of my Skool friends :)Well only they fit in here 🙂 and that am missing ’em a lottttttt

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