99th and 100th Post Celebrations!!

Well, it is my 99th and 100th post celebrations. And I thought rather than getting something from you, my blogger friends, I’d give you something. I am a poet, a small amateur one, if not a professional yet. So to each of my friends out there, I am dedicating a small verse of poetry. If they wish, they can put it on their blogs otherwise no problem. I am going in random order. If I have missed anyone out, it is purely by accident.

The one who made me, start my blog,
Great friendship ours, 16 years long,
I thought this blog, won’t last 20 posts,
But it has become, like my heart song.

A little light, in my darkness,
You fill my life with smiles,
Always there, to speak with me,
Let our friendship travel miles.

A little joy, a little mad,
A little happy, a little sad,
You are my best friend, now and forever,
Give up your friendship? No never.

Janu, you are everyone’s sweetheart,
Marvelous, in whatever you do,
A genius, in a world of your own,
A fierce friend, you are too.

The more I praise her, the less it will be,
A first Mallu friend here, she was to me,
Her talent with words, is so great,
I’d never be one, against her to debate.

Like a single moon, for this Earth,
You are one of a kind, friend,
What I express, in one full post,
Your two lines, can always send.

On my very first visit,
Her haven, enchanted me,
I sought her friendship soon,
Happy that she gave it to me

A little poet came to the fore,
A few days ago, or so I recall,
Let your thoughts, continue to flow,
I hope I be there, to see them all

The Iceman, he does call himself,
Coz he is so cool, it true,
A new friend, he is to me right now,
He thoughts on the wall, will marvel you.

I hardly know her; it has not been a month,
Since I visited her blog so nice,
Hoping to know you more better soon,
Till then, I hope this will suffice.

The paradise, is what she calls her place,
Don’t be surprised, it’s just like what she says,
Good words, good thoughts, she writes so well,
Simple, yet great, she casts a spell.

Poohi madam, an old blogging friend,
Enchants with her words, each a gem,
She can spin a web, with her thoughts profound,
If you get caught like me, you wont want to escape then.

Aayushi, her chimerical thoughts,
Can grab at you, with deepened plots,
So small, yet far reaching thoughts she has,
Glad I am friends, with this talented lass.

Mallu kutty with a very long name,
Loves her childhood, makes us love the same,
Makes us smile, with her adorable thought,
A friendship, I now cherish a lot.

The journalist, with an eye for detail,
Her pictures you will love for sure,
If her words, capture your mind’s attention,
Then her pictures will double the lure.

Cin, as I call her, is another gem,
Yet to meet her, but still a treasured friend,
Her thoughts sometimes will blow you away,
Her poems, an inspiration in itself.

My Inner World:
She used to follow, my other blog,
Yet a friendship I found very nice,
She is about to start, a new phase,
Wish her all the success, in her life.

Yet to be, proper friends,
But I here, give the spark to it,
I love your words, the pics you use,
Your pen name also, very much I like it.

Nick Harvey:
The guy with a gift,
In two difficult arts I think,
He can draw and paint very well,
And match it, with poems, in one blink.

Princess Mia, another friend,
Little known, little unknown,
Love her palace, her blog I mean,
Her passion, for writing, is well known.

Don’t know what to say,
Your words just blow me away,
Your support, always is there,
For my little words, that here I share.

Hemmzy dear, the poet great,
Loves single rhymes, that I see of late,
Becoming friends, was in my fate,
It is one friendship, I shall never hate.

A little poetess, in her own right,
With her words, she gives light,
Loves to write, and write some more,
Her love for Ranbir is now blogging folklore.

To be continued in 100th post!! 🙂

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

53 thoughts on “99th and 100th Post Celebrations!!”

  1. it all was like WOW!! great dedications for everyone. Loved what you have written!And congratulations on 100th post! may you get 1000th one soon!!!

  2. these four lines r my most prized possessions from now on.lots of thanx,words fail me now!!!!lots of gud wishes 4 u..hope i’ll hav more of ur poems as well…n yes,thanx agen (i’m too happpy…)

  3. Vinay: I hope to get to know you more also… and just the mention of my name is enough! I was sure not expecting it… 🙂 I am so glad that you and I have come across one another in Blogville… Tho I am not blogging for awhile I will most Def be around to comment!!! Your Poems are great! and you are a great person!! Happy Blogging!!!!Happy 100th!!!!NE

  4. Hi Bro,that was a sweet 100th post… you have put me in awe dude… a poetry just for all your mates here… wonderful…Keep writing mate… will let you know when I get back & drop into Bangy… cheers…

  5. Thanks for the link! I hope you have many more happy posts.I do love rhyming poetry and your poetry always has some truth within it!nick

  6. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha..my love for ranbir is now blogging folklore?? muahahhaha..AWESOME!! congrats on the 99th!! 😀

  7. Oh My god, this is one touching gesture. Celebrating your 100th post in such a wonderful way. You actually wrote lines on virtually all your blog-mates. I would surely like to put my four lines on my blog.Thank you.Congratulations on your Century. May there be many more-with such beautiful words too.

  8. hey hey first of all congrats mate…..i havent been here in a real long time thanks for dropping by yur comments on my blog…..n guess what it was perfect timing…..i am working on a saturday n took a week break to see if any comments, n saw yur comment n stopped by n it was a pleasure to see my name in the post…thanks a lot buddy….it sure does feel good….now i really wanna write a post….hoping to do so after i finish work….anyways once agaoin congrats n hoping to see u cross many more centuries…..cheers

  9. congrats on your 100th post…I pray to God that there may be a 1000 more to come(there can be more..but for the present 1000 is a good limit no…lolz)

  10. wow , u r actually writing these many lines of poetry ..i think ill try and forget i ever hav a 100th post or 50th even 🙂 .oh waise ..CONGRATULATIONS

  11. Beautifully written, Leo. My competitive spirit is begging for release. Shall I let go?.:):):)Congratulations, And celebrationsYour Blogs now a Centurion Star:)Lets fight Fight side by sideLets show the world who the hell we truly are! Your 100th post celebration style is Gr8. So good in fact, that i’m thinking Along the same lines now, for my 50th:)Love to hear suggestions from you. Oh and loved the dedication. Will have it soon on my Blog.:)

  12. competitive spirit?? please let go…!! :Dwhy copy my idea when u can come up with somethin more brilliant Al..??cheers!! 🙂

  13. Hey,Rhiannon why did i delete my post?that is I thought you don’t reply to me, nor to my blog, I amnt going to write in English no longer.it is difficult for me.I want to write a novel in chinese, I’ve thought for a long time. But I have a migraine,and often feel everything is upset.Write……delete……rewrite…… delete……is a my bad habit.Your poems is really beautiful, and my words are too poor to describe them. You have done well, really. The Chinese have now rarely be writing poem, and the poems are empty without feeling no connotation here. We read the poem is past, very old very old at home and abroad. I believe that chinese to see yours will feel big Surprise.I think I must learn English well, to show this world of good things from English to Chinese. Many of the things, I must see by myself eyes. Your poems and Jack Keouac’s novel I like them very much.I want to know more about themself, I must to learn a lot.You don’t what i am before i view your blog ,loss, empty, idle, but now I feel my new life with this passion.Thank you, your blog and the Internet,very much.Thanks.

  14. A person of thousand words,whose thoughts are like birds,Flying on the skies of our hearts,Some comfort you, some rips you apart,Rhyming is never hard,For vinay, our sweetest bard :-)Ah.. my humble contribution 😀 😀

  15. ohh my mythank u soo much yaarits so nice to see my name herethough we r new to each othern yeah sory for being so late yaarm damn busy..dis wrk is killin me:(thanx yaar:)

  16. thanq so so so so much…i feel blessed…thanx again…congratulations 4 ur 100th post…may u make much mor centuries!!!

  17. Hey Vinay…..Congratulations dear……and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the lovely sweet poem……Am feeling so obliged now.

  18. first of all congratulations :)and loved your new template.and im really really touched.. thank you soo much vinay 🙂 and once again thank you sooo much for still keeping me alive around here 😛 ill be back real soon.. and im gonna post this poem on my blog too, its like one of those awards after all, thank you 🙂

  19. as if i’d let petals and pebbles die..!! :Pnoways!! its like my sister blog!! :Dand u r welcome for the words divvy!!

  20. dude m sooooooooooooo sorry…m really really really late here…no excuses…so i’ll jus apologise again…n thnx for d beautiful dedication…loved it completely!!!n congratulations on ur 100th post…keep writin more…ps: even m jus 2 posts away from my century 🙂

  21. Hi Leo!This post interests me..nice to read about many here…most of them i know..some to a certain good extent :)and nice to see all of them here..and this friendly sharing…i’ll definitely come this way again and again…wishes,devika

  22. Congratulations on the century post dear :)Thanks a lot for that lovely verse about me,so sweet of you!

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