99th and 100th Post Celebrations!! (contd..)

Well, it is my 99th and 100th post celebrations. And I thought rather than getting something from you, my blogger friends, I’d give you something. I am a poet, a small amateur one, if not a professional yet. So to each of my friends out there, I am dedicating a small verse of poetry. If they wish, they can put it on their blogs otherwise no problem. I am going in random order. If I have missed anyone out, it is purely by accident.

Continued from 99th post…!! πŸ™‚

The poetess, who I first met here,
Her thoughts are something, I hold dear,
She can write about anything, under the sun,
Reading your journal, is always fun.

Man in Painting:
A guy with a different view of things,
His poems always have, a different ring,
Read it, you will like it a lot,
Like his name, they are a unique thought.

A friend, more or less known
Likes my poems, she made that to me known,
I love her writes, indeed I do,
Always direct, her words show you.

The think tank, she got that right,
Like she says, let there be light,
A mixed bag of talent, she is indeed,
Help me get your blog back on my blogroll, I plead.

Another whose thoughts, I like read,
Yet to know her well, still some time I need,
Her friendship, can soon, grow on you,
Her words have that friendly touch too.

A brilliant mind, that soars high,
Love the words that she paints in the sky,
Good friends, we are, I think I can say,
Her words are enough, to inspire me some days.

The Mallu, with a biking passion,
Writes about travels, in lovely fashion,
The expert hand, at places to go,
A nice person, about him, so much I know.

I entered White Window late,
But I still admire, her words great,
Proper friends, we are not still,
But I’ll know her better, soon I will.

Solitaire, as
your are known,

Your words so fast, have on me grown,
Straight forward blogger, I know you to be,
The proof is your words, there for all to see.

Noor madam, to my village you are yet to come,
Every word I adore, not just some,
One day with you, our class did have fun,
I only wish you’d write more often.

Lighter side of life, she does explore,
She brings out her talent, to the fore,
Inspire my stories, she does indeed,
An expert with stories, which I love to read

My great friend, since long ago,
We have remained, good friends so,
Her poems, so lovely, so simple to read,
A great support, there when I need

Like her pen name, Diya,
She has a light of her own,
New to blogging, she is,
Hope to be good friends soon.

A unique poet, she is indeed,
With her words, she sows a seed,
A co-writer, in the Gateway,
Writes what she finds, she has to say.

L, as I call her, good friend of mine,
I love to read her, every time,
Her writing these days, is a bit slow,
She’ll be back to herself soon, that I know.

The old style poet, she takes you back,
To olden times, with the way she writes,
Of her poems, I am very much a fan,
Hope she comes back soon, for more to write.

What do I say, about you bro?
You have these days, disappeared so,
Come back soon, and write some more,
Show us masterpieces, you have in store.

To others who are new to me, and my village of poems…
Ryn, Phoenix, Zhouzhou, Kiran, Priyanka and Yamini,
And to others, who have visited here…

You are new, I know you not well,
Still I have, these words to tell,
I am thankful to you, for your words of praise,
Of criticism, that helps me become better each day.

I may not take to, your friendship fast,
But if I do, I shall make it last,
I’ll drop by your blogs, that I love to read,
Thanks again, deep from my heart indeed.

Time to celebrate!! 100 posts yippee!! Hurray!! Thanks all for making this journey a lot more happier!!

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

41 thoughts on “99th and 100th Post Celebrations!! (contd..)”

  1. thanq Leo..ha ha Vinaythanx alot..i thought i will not be in your list as you met me very recently…thanx alot vinay..by the way..congratulations for the success of your blog

  2. u tht wrong yamini!! :Dhow could i leave anyone out??!!my success is bcoz of ur reviews, criticisms etc…which have helped me get better eeach post!! :)thank u too!!

  3. Congrats on your 99th and 100th post,bro!I’m reallly happy for you..I really loved the lines you dedicated to me!This was an awesome way to show off your love..

  4. hey grt to see ur 99tht and 100th post.. and we r already gud frds if u ask me. xams are going on. thats y didn’t notice your post. catch u soon. and thanks for writting abt me..

  5. Ok I was self-obsessed enough to scroll and search for my name first after reading the first few lines ! And then I read everyone else’s…:PLovely way to celebrate Vi ! Very touching. And I hope this journey transcends to the brightest figments of your life.God bless you.

  6. CONGRATS BRO!! may u have many more hundereds to celebrate!! n may i be mentioned in all of them..muahahhaha!! loved my lil poem :D..oh n of others too :Pps:i want treat…sendo..fast!

  7. Dearest friend.. You really touched my heart. dear.. how much time you might have spent carving those words for all of us.. your words made me very very happy..because at times people read me as a cynic which I never is :).. you inspired me with your words.. thanks buddy.. wish you all success and happiness… take care..

  8. mip, u aren’t a cynic…just a man with a different viewpoint… sometimes i like it, sometimes i dont…!! :)but ur views are like u… unique!! :Dcheers…

  9. wow.. it was a superb idea…. and hey, i found my name also πŸ™‚ thnx a lot.. adn herz wishing u and ur blog lot many milestones in the coming days…

  10. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!i’m late as usual!!!!!!!thank you so much for the beautiful lines!!!!cheers vinu…:):)

  11. Yay! apna 100th post..i nearly missed it…nd don’t worry ill inform u evry tim my blog updates…or btr still will mail it 2 u..is it yahoo.com or co.in? Hi Hip Hooraywaise its been updated πŸ˜‰

  12. congrats for 100 plus posts and all the awards..sorry for this late acknowledgement..thank you for the quatrain .. lovely words there.. I really like being called an ‘old style poet’ πŸ™‚

  13. awwwsniff sniffthank you for thinking about me enough to mention me.. im too touched for words.. πŸ™‚

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