Who Am I?

I am: sweet, friendly, adamant, and brave
I think: too far ahead. Gets me in trouble sometimes
I know: I need to shut up sometimes. But try as I do, I sometimes can’t.
I want: my friends always by my side. They are my life.
I have: myself, and a sweet sis, who means the world to me. (Parents too)
I wish: can’t tell it now. What if it doesn’t come true
I hate: when my hard work, fails to get results…
I miss: my sweetheart, who was taken away from me, right in front of me
I fear: losing who are dear to me
I feel: luck is on my side (of late, it has been bad luck, hopefully it will change)
I hear: silence.
I smell: chocolate cake (mom’s cooking always attracts my nose!!)
I crave: for marks (they decide my future and I badly need seven of them soon)
I search: within me, to understand me, its been impossible till now
I wonder: why my life, is like a cake, with chocolate icing, and pepper on the inside
I regret: not being able to be who I wanted to be. (Time is still there, I can still do it!)
I love: my sis the most (dad n mom, forgive me, but you don’t occupy top spot in my heart)
I ache: when I get a migraine (nowadays, classes do that to me all the time. )
I am not: perfect.
I believe: in me. (My friends’ n sis do too…)
I dance: well enough (acc to my sweetheart, last time I ever danced was with her)
I sing: I don’t. (You’d feel a donkey can bray better than I can ever sing, if u heard me sing)
I cry: rarely. (If I cry, my loved ones cry. I hate to see people cry bcoz of me)
I fight: mostly with Anu (considering we are siblings, that’s obvious!! But reconciliation in 7 mins or less!! )
I write: what my heart says.
I win: friends’ hearts!! (More cherished than any old trophy or medallion!!)
I lose: money. (I forget there is a hole in my pocket and put coins there itself!!)
I never: judge people by their face. (Their heart sometimes speaks a different language!!)
I always: believe in the best. (Always will!!)
I confuse: seminars. (I once gave a Civil seminar, in a Computer class!!)
I listen: fully before speaking my view.
I can usually be found: online. (24/7 would be nearly right!!)
I am scared: of flying cockroaches. (Very difficult to hit with a slipper, they don’t stay in one place!!)
I need: someone to talk to. (I feel better sharing my thoughts when I am down, so I look for someone who I can turn to, to hear me out and console me. I found Chechu a few weeks back, and I have many others too!!)
I am happy about: my life. (It has joy, it has sorrows, just the perfect blend!!)
I imagine: a lot of things. (Being a poet, imagination is something God has given me in plentiful!!)

*Self Reflection Isn’t Easy by Squiter

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. i donno what to say…everything about u is lovable onion ;)y do i love the I NEED thing so much 😛 :Pthanks for the mention..am blushing 😛

  2. hmmm….great post…..something that will let us know abt u properly….the most funny part was the cvl seminar in computer class….and you want someone to talk to right..!!!vinay, they are always around you..only that u r not seeing them when u really need them. wen u want someone…look around properly..they are always there….because i believe our loved ones are with us wen we need them or wen everyone leaves us….so all the best and keep the good work going….!!!

  3. You have shown yourself inside out…Hats off! Its a courageous thing to do and the caption beneath the photo says it all..’self reflection is not easy’.But you did that and how! great post..

  4. oh ..here ..sooo sorry vinay ..ghalti ho gayi ..sory sorry sorry…urs n sids writing styles r so similar i got confused nd i wasnt lukin at the blog name ….sosososososorry

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