Shattered Dreams…

A beautiful blossom, she was meant to be,
Her eyes, so innocent, her mind so free,

Her laughter, like the tinkling of a little bell,

A beauty made in heaven, yet sent to hell.

Her voice, so mellow, could touch your heart,
Yet in a moment, her perfect world, was torn apart,
A glance so evil, a stare full of lust,
Her vivid little dreams, he did turn into dust.

Her voice full of pain, she did indeed shout,
But not a soul came along, to help her out,
He wounded not her body, he wounded her mind,
Only her shattered life, did he leave behind.

In only a moment, her smile did disappear,
Her life once full of hope, was now always in fear,
A chained life, she now leads, it was once so free,
Her laughter is now gone; now there is only misery.

Memories she cherished, she did lose that day,
No God she believed in, did hear her heartfelt pray,
He still continues, to stalk other angels like her,
Time never healed her sorrow, it only saw her suffer.

My friends, is it not time we unite?
Against devils like him, shall we now fight?
Let us stop them now, before it is too late,
Let us save a child, from such a cruel fate.

The smiles they lost, let us bring them back,
Give them the support, which they feel they lack,
Help them realize, the dreams they once did see,
A little memory for them, to treasure forever happily.

For one smile alone, makes a thousand others.

The picture below, is a prayer. For every little heart which has suffered. May not another heart be wounded like that ever again. Amen.

For a child, for their dream…Let them never be shattered.
Pics: Courtest DeviantArt and Google Inc.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

26 thoughts on “Shattered Dreams…”

  1. this may not go a long way in eradicating the menace of child abuse,but surely light a spark of hope n awareness somewhere.

  2. wow…:)..u have done a gr8 job buddy ..the feel with which u rote can be felt in every sentence :)..soo awesome..urs..hemu..P.S: no tips for me to rite somethin like this..:).

  3. thank you hemu…!! :)tips?? sure…i’ll add u to my gtalk list asap, but i dont think u really need ’em… u seem to be terrific at doin it… a bit more practice and u’ll beat me hands down…!! 🙂

  4. Nice poem Vinay. I hav so far read two poems on child abuse in the blogville. Each one of them has been so touching.Its human nature Vinay. Kids are harmless and humans dare only to hurt them who are harmless. I mean hw ruthless can the abuser be….even the innocence on a kid’s face doesnt garner sympathy in his heart.

  5. I am a Hindu by religion. Its just my name that makes people think that am Christian.My name was given to me by my father. I was born in 1982 and that year and that day, Pricess Diana had come to India for the first time. My dad is still obsessed with her besides being fascinated by the Roman Goddess of Hunt and the moon. So that how I gt the Christian name.I am a very religious n spiritual person. Religious to the true sense of the word. So dear, gt the answer?

  6. Thank U soo much the cooment on my post. BTW, I hav added more puja pics in my orkut profile. They are stunning. Trust me. Just search Diana Sahu in orkut n u will get my profile.

  7. amen to that,, Vinay.. :-)About time,, people speak up and do something.. every small step is this direction is worth it.. :-)After all,, droplets of water only make an ocean.. :-)lovely thoughts.. 🙂

  8. Well done, Vinay.:)As good as always. . . . Even more so, i must say. You’ve described her life very well. This post, describes her side better than my take on child abuse. Well done,:)

  9. oh its no use if its only nice…i’ll feel loads better, if it makes an ounce of difference to the world…!!thanks riversoul…!

  10. thre are too many shattered dreams bro … how many can u save from freefall? oh yes ..aaj finally thik se tumhe blogroll kiya ..sorry

  11. didn’t i comment on this one? damn… i thought i had!nice work vinay.. i see you’re taking up serious issues to write on of late.. good job mate 🙂

  12. This issue is something that has always been very close to my heart, like Diana said, how ruthless can one be when they connive to hurt a lil child !The message you gave in your concluding lines was something that really touched me, I am proud to know ppl who actually belong to this school of thought. We need more ppl to think this way, more awareness – more sensitivity.A very touching piece Vi !:)And thnx for letting me knwo about this. Appreciate it. Plz do inform me whenever you update IRWR, its always a pleasure to read you.take care. have a fun sunday !

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