A Cruel End…

I used to see him daily,
Every evening in the park,
Smiling at me as I passed by,
How was I to know, friends?
That soon his life would turn dark.

Once I had talked to him,
We spoke for a while that day,
Yet that evening when I met him again,
He did not remember that we had met,
Even to talk then, he did not stay.

Next day I met him again,
I greeted him as warmly as ever,
To my shock, he didnโ€™t know who I was,
When I said to him, that we met everyday,
To my shock, he said โ€œNeverโ€.

I was still in shock, even the next day,
Lost in my thoughts, I walked ever so slow,
I by mistake, did slightly bump into him,
He yelled and shouted at me, so much,
He was not the friend; I had not so long ago.

When I saw him again, I approached with care,
I could tell he was lost, in a world of his own,
He saw me, and a flicker of a smile lit his face,
Poor soul, he stammered some words,
I felt sorry for him, sitting there all alone.

After that day, he never came out again,
I heard from a friend, he could not move even,
I went to his house, to see my old friend,
When I did see him, I had tears in my eyes,
Two roses did I give him, to take to heaven.

I had seen him daily, found in him a friend,
When I was in doubt, to me his thoughts he did lend.
A good soul lost, to a fate so cruel indeed,
I wish I could have helped, when his eyes did plead.
I remember his voice; it turns my heart to stone,
As today, I walk in the park, all alone.

Dedicated to every sweet soul, that this world has lost to Alzheimer’s Disease.
picture by marlalives.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

26 thoughts on “A Cruel End…”

  1. Its a horrific end for people. . . . Alzhimers . . . What a terrible way to meet your maker. . . . Forgetting your own existance. . . Friends and family. . . .you’veVery well portrayed the experience of a person who has lost a dear friend to the horrible disease… ,well written, dude…. And you say i’m better?Once in a while, consider my arguement, dude.:)

  2. wow..dude…nice post for them :)..urs..hemu..P.S: i want to rite like this..hope i could rite :(..

  3. Wish all the people remain hale and hearty and remember their near and dear ones to the last day of their life.a touching poem.

  4. excellent!! very very well written vinay.. loved it :)btw, have you seen the movie, thanmatra? brilliant movie! a must watch.. esp if u are a mohanlal fan like me :Dbut even otherwise, the movie will move you to tears..

  5. It is touching to write a poem about such a thing as Alzhimers it is to easy to look the other way. well done!

  6. yeah it is a horrific end…thanks for ur words riversoul…well, i’ll consider ur argument l8r…!! not ryt now…will pursue a poem on waht u have taken up soon… maybe it wont b as good as urs…but i’ll contribute to the cause…!take care…

  7. That disease gives me jitters..forgetting tht you loved someone..or someone loved you…m scared of it!deep and touching lines!

  8. wow..So simple,subtle and touching.You conquered the art ,vinay. :)Nice blog.will come here more often.Wish I have time to read everything. But will do it soon..

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