A dark cloud hovers over me; I am lost in my thoughts Only silence I can hear, I am in no mood to rhyme A constant companion is by my side, it is misery I fear I have lost something that is priceless to me Ignorance is not always bliss, today she walks away from … Read more

2 Tags in 1 !!!

Hmmm, I am bored, no ideas for a poem… so for a change, its my second and third tags combined into one.The first one was an open tag, which I saw in Sameera’s blog…I liked it…i believe it is called the 30Q tag..! 1.Last movie you saw in a theater?Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 2.What … Read more

A Shock for CAT…(The Dream Part 4)

She was speechless. Her world had fallen apart in front of her eyes. Her dad shot to death and she could not do anything about it. Leaning down upon his fallen body, she kissed him on both cheeks and whispered into his ear, “Goodbye Dad, I love you too.” She got up and wiping her … Read more

In Memoriam…

Darkness shrouds me; I am unable to see the light Joy seems to travel farther away, misery my companion Hope is all I have left with me, but it is weak I find these days A moment I realize is all it takes, for a transition A smile I could see, on faces that I … Read more


I sifted through my old books, a photograph I found, Brought back to me old memories, of those wonderful days, I went into a reverie, which took me back to that time, As I recollected them silently, a tear slid down my face I dreamt of those moments, when I smiled a lot, When with … Read more