Family Ties

The light coming through the windowTouched my eyes as i opened themI saw the first glimpse of my life.Saw a room full of facesSmiling, looking down at meI returned their smiles with one of mine. They were people to me yet unknownBut the affection was their on their facesAs tears came to a lady who … Read more

A Toast..To the Devil…

well i happen to know this guy…descendant of Einstein i think…very brainy chap…he happened to ask me a very interesting question a couple of days back…he said & i quote.. “hey vinu,is the devil a good person or a bad person? ” that question was put to me in the midst of my preparations for … Read more

An Intro…

well…let me start folks… this is my second blog…after “wandering images..whispering words..”…ever since i started that blog i have had this urge to blog more and more… “wandering images..whispering words..” is a blog of my poems… here i just intend to pen down some random thoughts that just play with me when i am travelling … Read more

Dreaming of a Boon

The Lord once came down to earthAnd asked me a question this“What, my son, do you cherish? Body or mind which holds bliss? Success or failure both I can giveFor which, dear child, do you pray?Tell me, my son, what you wantSo that I may send it your way. “ I looked into his eyes … Read more

My Sibling!

i am so happy that i have so many cousins who like me a lot…and one special cousin sister who likes me…!! it dawned on me some time back how lucky i am to have her in my life…so i thought i’d share that thoughts here… we have been a joint family always so we … Read more