13 years I have been in Blogsville, and over the time, my friends have christened me with nicknames. I’m Vinay, but having written under a pen-name for a long time, they call me by that name — Leo. So I’m Vinay Leo R., a bit of the real me, and a bit of the poet in me, both having some rhyme.

This is my poetic paradise. I’ve been writing poetry since nearly 18 years and in blog world since the past 10. I hope you enjoy my writing, and my learning journey as I travel the world of poetry, looking to become better with each post, each milestone and each new person that I meet.

I Rhyme Without Reason, indicates an unconditional love that I have for writing, poetry in particular. This space is one of the reasons I fight on against whatever adversities life gives me. Here you will find all my poetry, and also the short stories I write once in a while. Whether or not you have entered this space with a smile, I hope that when you close it, it’ll be with a smile. Cheers!

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